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My Freckled What?

31 Jan

So I’m sure you’re probably wondering “who is this girl, and what is this blog even about?” Well, the best part is easy; My name is Stephanie and I’m a 20-something from Virginia. As for what my blog is going to be about? I havent the slightest idea. I’m hoping to figure that out along the way a little bit. My guess is that you’ll probably see a mix of the following subjects (hopefully at least one of which you’ll find interesting/entertaining/ridiculous):

– Food, or my humorous attempt at learning to make new and healthy recipes in my teeny, tiny kitchen.
– Fitness, because I’m getting married in 9 months and let’s be realistic, I need to be able to fit into my dress or we’re going to have a problem.
– Wedding planning, which has basically taken over my life and the wedding nightmares have begun.
– My random hobby of the week, because I’m prone to decide on a whim that I want to master/fake a new skill.
– My amazingly ridiculous and adorable puppy.

How can you resist this face?

– Other really random ramblings.

So I hope something in there sounds remotely interesting to anyone!

For my first post, I figured it might be nice to share with you a few fun facts about me that you wouldn’t normally find in the “About me” section.
It’s my hope that this might help you get to know my better, or scare off anyone who doesn’t appreciate my weird sense of humor. Without further ado:

5 Completely Random Facts about Me

1. My dream would be to become a smushed up combination of the following people:
Martha Stewart – but only the amazing decorator part, not the jailbait part
Jillian Michaels – because who doesnt want to be a badass chick with an awesome body who can lift weights with the beefiest of them (Why
yes, Beefiest IS a word, thank you!)
Giada de Lauentis – who doesnt want to be able to whip up delicious food and always have perfect hair?
Carrie Underwood – if I could sing like her, I don’t think I’d ever use plain boring speech again. I’d just sing everywhere I went.
Reese Witherspoon – not only is she super talented and classy, but she also has an awesome sense of style (or her stylists do at least, but I
like to pretend that celebrities choose their own clothes)

So basically, just call me Marthillian de LaUnderspoon. …Too much?

2. I have a minor obsession with paratheses and lists (in case you haven’t guessed already). This is pretty much how I talk in my head, full of random interjections and jokes only I find funny, so I feel like I shouldn’t spare you all. However, I CAN actually write like an intellectual human being if I so choose – my 174 page Master’s portfolio is proof of that. But this is way more fun.

3. I’m on the road a lot for work, which can get really boring sometimes. So to entertain myself, I’ll have hour long conversations with myself in
French. You see, I used to be fluent in French but I don’t get to use it a lot in my little country bumbletown, so this is really my only way to
practice. So if you ever drive past me in this car and see my talking – it’s probably out loud to myself. I’m a freak.

4. I consider myself a connoisseur of random hobbies. Pretty much whenever I get bored with life (which is surprisingly often considering how much I complain about how busy I am), I pick up a new hobby for a few months/weeks/days. Currently it’s photography (probably do to WAY to much google stalking of wedding photographers). Last month it was Martha Stewart-esque (see fact #1) DIY projects like scented hand scrubs. I’m already itching for something else new.

5. I love crappy TV. Kim & Kourtney, Teen Mom, America’s Next Top Model – you name it, I probably Tivo. Because really – how can you not find this ridiculous entertaining?
So there you have it! Some utterly random facts about me! I hope this can help us get to know each other a little better!
Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I hope that you find it exciting!