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Pooped pup

29 Feb

Things have been a little insane in the MFL house lately.

Yesterday was Laney’s first day at Doggie Day Care. I felt like a mama dropping their kid off at preschool for the first time. I didn’t want to say goodbye! Luckily the Head Trainer was nice and let me watch from the windows in the barn for a few minutes while Laney ran around and made friends with a GIANT cockapoo. I’m sure she was thinking I was a crazy lady…

I’m just a worried puppy mama!

I also may have emailed in the middle of the day… just to check.

Ok, maybe I may be crazy.

But after a long workday I went to go pick her up, and I had one POOPED puppy on my hands. She was passed out in the car within about a minute. And then we got home… and she passed out more. I even had to entice her to eat dinner.


She then proceeded to pass out in bed and not move all night.

Today was a cold and dreary day in Culpeper, full of thunderstorms and crazy wind. Definitely was one of those days where I would have rather spent the day curled in bed with a good book.

It was so gross I ALMOST talked myself into skipping the gym… but my guilty conscious kicked in and I decided to go at the last second.

And when I say at the last second, I literally ran into Body Combat soaking wet, with my shoes squeaking like crazy on the gym floor, halfway through the warmup. Yea, I was that girl.

Seeing as I ate like crap at lunch (I always have a hard time passing up going out to lunch with co-workers, and today it was to pizza hut. Not really my thing. Oh, and they were out of lettuce…So it was basically a giant carb fest), I was definitely crazing veggies.

So even though my planned meal was pasta, I nixed that immediately and went straight for my giant tub of spring mix.

Enter the taco salad.


With a blackberry Izze that I got at the grocery store today. Note to self: don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. At least they were on sale.

I topped the spring mix with tomatoes, red peppers, colbyjack cheese, chicken and onions that I cooked up quickly with some spices, tortilla chips for some crunch, and topped with salsa and greek yogurt. DELISH.

Speaking of, I bought these new tortilla chips and I’m kind of in love. Look at the ingredient list – Not too shabby!



Now I’m off to check a few things off the wedding check-list, including beginning to address all 72 save the date envelopes. Ack!



Dreaded Mondays

27 Feb

Today has been a typical case of the dreaded Mondays.

I woke up late.

I couldn’t get the new jar of artichoke hearts open for my lunch salad for a good 10 minutes, which just made me more late.

The printer/copier at the office died.

I forgot my gym shoes at home and had to make a mad dash in order to get to my CXWorks class on time.

I’m pretty sure I pulled an oblique muscle at said CXWorks class.

My knee has been feeling really funky today, like I stepped wrong at some point or something, so I had to forgo my planned run for 25 minutes of hills on the elliptical.

I spent my evening analyzing forks. You think I kid…



Yea, one of those days.

However, something positive DID actually happen today! I had seen a post awhile back for mozzarella stuffed buffalo chicken burgers, but I couldn’t seem to find it ANYWHERE.

So what did I do? I winged it. Which is pretty much a first for me.


You see, I’m still afraid of the kitchen. Give me a recipe, and I can cook like the best of them, but I’m not always confident to come up with something on my own. But I decided to give it a shot, and what do you know? AMAZING!


Mozzarella-stuffed Buffalo Chicken Burgers with caramelized onions

By Stephanie D.

Serves 4



1 package ground chicken

fresh mozzarella

2/3 cup of buffalo sauce (I like mine super spicy, so you may want to dial this down if you’re a spicy sauce person)

1 cup breadcrumbs (italian is what I had on hand)

1 tsp minced garlic

2 egg whites

2 tbsp olive oil

1/2 white onion, sliced

salt and pepper


*I actually halved this recipe and used only a half a package of chicken, in case of total failure, but I figured that most normal people would actually use the whole package, so I doubled everything.


1. In mixing bowl, mix together chicken, breadcrumbs, garlic, buffalo sauce, egg whites, salt and pepper. Form into patties with hands.

2. Break each patty in half. Place half down on plate, put a slice of mozzarella in the middle, and the other half on top. Pinch the edges to form one solid patty. Repeat until you have 4 patties.

3. Heat olive oil in pan over medium heat. Place patties on griddle until cooked all the way through. Remove from pan.

4. Place sliced onion in pan (with a little more olive oil if necessary), and cook for 3-4 minutes until caramelized.

5. Top burger with onions and enjoy!

Where is my time turner?

26 Feb

This weekend has been a total whirlwind. I can’t even believe that it’s Sunday night already. I’m not ready for Monday!!! Where is a time machine (or time turner for any Harry P fans out there) when you need one?

So Friday night the boy came up to visit. Let’s just say that I’m not sure who was more excited to see him, me or Laney.


She wouldn’t even sit still for a second to snap a picture. I got about 10 like this.

Since we don’t get to see each other very often, we decided to make it a date night and I cooked dinner: Chicken stuffed with garlic herb laughing cow, sundried tomato and spinach and roasted green beans. With some herb focaccia and moscato on the side.



It’s so nice to have the table set for two…

(Also, please don’t judge the fact that I only own one wine glass so I had to be classy and drink from a cup. That’s what happens when you live alone…)

We then spent the rest of the night watching Friends with Benefits and drinking wine. We’re lame cute like that.

Saturday was a CRAZY day. We drove down to Lynchburg, VA (about 2 hours from me) to register for our wedding! AH! It was a really fun experience, but it was definitely stressful at the end. 3 hours of debating china plates and knife sets kind of made my head hurt. But I think it was a really good start!

Sadly, from there Chris had to go back to school, and I went back home to cuddle with Laney (who was not happy that I was alone… clearly she likes her dad more than me).

Sunday I checked a few errands off my list, including returning a few items at the mall, buying new glasses (I learned my lesson from the pink eye shenanigans), and visiting the magical world of COSTCO.

Seriously, Heaven.

I was a little overwhelmed, as always, but I did leave with a few important items, such as a GIANT container of roasted artichoke hearts, a MEGA bag of frozen berries, and a HUGE tub of spring mix. Oh, and gummy vitamins. Don’t judge me.

Afterwards I came home, took Laney for a brisk walk in the gorgeous weather, and cooked a dinner a la Brittany. A salmon and veggie packet!


There is salmon hidden in there, I swear..

I topped the Salmon with red peppers, onions, and asparagus mixed with olive oil, spices, garlic, and lemon juice, and baked in the oven for about 20ish minutes.


Served with some slightly burned quinoa. Note to self, quinoa in the rice cooker is NOT a good idea. It was worth a try.

Despite the slightly toasted quinoa, it was a very delicious meal all in all. I call this a win!

Now I’m off to scour Macys for more things to add to our registry!! So stressful but so exciting!