Decisions, decisions (and a sneak peak!)

2 Feb

Today pretty much consisted of the usual: I hit my snooze button about 4 times (my alarm/phone sits across the room, mind you, so I have to get up each time I hit snooze and I STILL go back to bed), woke up late, took the dog for a quick walk, and frantically got ready for work and scarfing breakfast. Not really the most productive or efficient of mornings, but Laney and I have it down to a science.

My poor puppy seems to have developed a tummy ache recently. I’ll be nice and spare you the gross details, but during our walk today she kept looking at me like “mama… what is happening to me????” It about broke my heart. I don’t know what she got into that caused this, but I hope it goes away soon! Before I go all paranoid dog mom and call the vet crying hysterically because my dog keeps pooping.

Aww crap. I’m only 2 posts in and I already used the word “poop”. Welcome to my blog!

Anyway. After I frantically ran out the door to work, my day went by pretty usual. Some paperwork, some phone calls, more paperwork… about the same as every day.

But after work I headed about an hour away to Fredericksburg to check out a caterer that I met at the Culpeper Bridal Show: Caroline Street Catering. I loved their food at the show (they had a macaroni and cheese bar – how legit is that??) and since we were striking out a little in Northern VA, I figured it would definitely be worth a try. They’d gotten some good reviews in the past, so I figured why not? Well they were great in person and I am definitely interested to see how things come out price-wise! So many decisions still to make in this whole wedding saga! I’m SO ready to have some of these big things out of the way so that I can breathe a little! I can definitely understand why people say that planning a wedding is WAY up on the list of most stressful things!

With that being said, I wanted to close this post with two very happy things! First of all – for your entertainment – the Kristen Bell Sloth Meltdown. I hope you all find this as entertaining as I do!


And also, as promised: A SNEAK PEAK of our Save The Date photoshoot!!!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!


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