3 Feb

Today has been pretty uneventful for the most part, which I guess is good. The weather started out pretty sucky this morning, and Laney and I had to take our morning walk in the rain. But the sun came out this afternoon and dried up all the rain (…and the itsy bitsy spider…?) so it really wasn’t too bad this evening.

Eats today were pretty unexciting. I’m in this “how long can I avoid going to the grocery store and spending oodles of money but still eat remotely healthy” stage… which means that my food selections have been totally random. Think PB & all-natural J on a cinnamon raisin english muffin and leftover roasted green beans. Yea, that was my lunch. No pictures because it was even too weird to look at.

After work I headed to the gym for BodyPump (any body pumpers out there? Release 80 – holy crap!) and then came home to walk Laney for a fast 1 mile run. Nothing super exciting, but it got the job done. Then I frantically through together some dinner because I was STARVING. It actually turned out really well though!

I threw together some chicken, mixed peppers, edamame, and spinach and simmered it in some TJ’s thai green curry sauce, and paired it with some brown rice. For something super quick, it turned out delicious.

So I didn’t mention this earlier this week, but on Monday I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when I suddenly felt like I had something stuck on one of my back teeth. So I went to investigate in the mirror, and low and behold I saw a tiny white HOLE in my tooth. Just above the crown that I just got put on it less than 2 years ago! JUST what I need less than 24 hours after I pay my car insurance for the next 6 months, right? So I frantically searched around for a dentist that takes my insurance (since I’m knew to the area and have been really bad about getting set up with some of these medical appointments… don’t judge me), and they were able to get me in on Tuesday. After 1.5 hours (and no, I’m not exaggerating this time) the dentist finally came in and said “well…I THINK that I can just fill it like a normal cavity. But if I can’t, we may have to take off the crown, fill it, and put a new crown back on”. I started seeing $$$ cross my vision, for real. So basically, after talking to the receptionist, it could end up costing me a mere $35 (for just a filling) or like $600+ (for a new crown). Ummm, hi? That’s a big difference. I get to go back tomorrow to find out which way it’s going to go. Please think happy thoughts for me? I dont really mind the dentist, but I hate their ability to violently murder my bank account.

That being said, IF it’s just a filling and IF I leave only $35 lighter (oh please, oh please), I may just swing by the Verizon Wireless store that happens to be located a cross the street and let them potentially murder my bank account. Not that I really have the money to go wild and crazy, but it’s kind of getting to the point of necessity. This guy is literally beginning to breathe his last breath and I’d prefer to find a replacement so that he can finally die in peace.

(Um, can we please discuss why phone conveniently start to die JUST before your 2 years is up, so that you’re basically forced to buy a new phone immediately after your upgrade date? conspiracy???)

If I need a new crown, however, I’ll probably just go home and cry in a corner and mourn my dead bank account. Our wedding guests wont mind if we just decide not to feed them, right?

PLEASE think happy thoughts for my poor teethies tomorrow afternoon!!?? I would be must appreciated.

And yes, I did just refer to them as “teethies”.


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