Drop It!

6 Feb

Hallelujah! My poor little Laney girl is finally starting to feel better! She definitely had me worrying sick this weekend. To the point that I was texting a coworker of mine who’s mom is a vet DURING the Superbowl discussing my dog’s bowel movements. Yes, it really happened. There is no such things as boundaries with my coworkers. But luckily she was great enough to spend the evening calming down (and convincing me not to call the emergency vet). It was scary!

But after a trip to the vet today and a load of antibiotics, meds, and a strict diet for the next few days, my little girl is on the mend!

One pooped puppy! (also – I just realized her tail looks freakishly long in this picture – I swear it’s normal sized in real life!)

So back to today – overall it wasn’t too bad of a day for a Monday. I had to take most of the afternoon off to take my sick girl to the vet. Which we actually had to do twice, because the vet told me “10 til 2” when I called first thing this morning, but apparently what she MEANT was 2:50. Whoops! So I run in at 1:52 apologizing for being late (stupid traffic lights!) and the lady behind the counter was like “ummm… *crickets* Hi?” It was awkward. So back we went an hour later!

After work, I got invited by two coworkers of mine to go to the first week of the Culpeper Drop It Challenge group class. It’s a pretty program that includes 10 weeks of free group exercise classes (each week is a new type of class, ranging from Zumba to yoga to BodyAttack) held at the local community college. People can win all sorts of prizes by losing weight and healthy living activities.

This first week was Zumba, which I was a little worried about, because I’m probably in the top 10 most uncoordinated people on the planet. Let’s just say that years of gymnastics did nothing for my dance ability. But luckily the class was really stress free and full of people of ALL ages, sizes and fitness levels. It was definitely great to be in a different atmosphere than my usual gym. Plus doing it with friends was even more fun, because we would totally crack up mid-cha cha because we all felt equally ridiculous. But I got a good sweat out of it, so I’ll take that!

By the time I got home it was after 8pm and I was pretty much starving. Luckily I had planned to make some tacos/burritos this week, so I just threw everything on the stove and got a little station set up!

Sadly I couldn’t find whole wheat tortillas at the grocery store this week (remember, I live in the boonies – our grocery store options are slightly limited), so I had to substitute with flour ones. But these were made with turkey and taco spices, refried beans, lettuce, tomato, cheese, salsa, and a dollop of daisy greek yogurt! I pretty much scarfed this guy in about 9.7 seconds flat.

The rest of the evening was spent snuggling on the couch with my puppy dog and drooling over Jamie Oliver on the Cooking Channel. Oh, and his food looks good too ;-P



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