Nerd Train

8 Feb

Today my little baby has grown up!

My phone has gone from a little mini phone to a big kid smartphone. *tear* So proud!

Yup, I have finally jumped on the nerd train and switched over to a smartphone. I was holding out as long as I possibly could because I’m a cheapo rebel! I pretty much spent the entirety of last night attempting to figure out how to work this darn thing! There are so many buttons and apps and pictures and other stuff on it! Overwhelmed!!

Beyond that, today hasn’t been very exciting. Culpeper can’t seem to decide whether it wants to rain or snow, so instead it’s doing a bit of everything. Making for a really dreary, cold day. It also means limited outdoor playtime for Laney, since she enjoys getting herself completely muddy and gross.

So instead she’s been driving me insane by running around my apartment like she’s possessed.

After I got back from BodyCombat tonight (jeez did it kick my butt tonight! I also almost got sidekicked to the face, but that’s another story all together), I decided that this gross day deserved a healthy version of a blah day food – PIZZA!

Can you see what’s weird about this pizza??? It’s TWO-TONE! I couldn’t decide what I wanted, so I made half the pizza with pesto and half with pasta sauce! On top is italian cheese, 3 peppers, mushrooms, spinach and some roasted chicken.

Here is my plate, along with some roasted green beans!

One of each!

Alright, I’m off to try and get some wedding stuff done before I hit the sack (and cuddle with my crazy eyed puppy!


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