BodyPump woes

9 Feb

Today was actually a pretty busy day at work, and I spent a good chunk of the day running around to appointments. I still haven’t gotten the courage to photograph my food while at the office, so I don’t have any pictures of lunch. It was only leftover pizza, so it really wasn’t anything exciting. Maybe one day I’ll work up the nerve to start taking pictures at work (especially now that I have my new fancy phone with a legit camera). But since I do share an office with someone, I’d rather her not think I’m crazy. Or crazier than she already knows I am. 🙂

After work I headed to BodyPump class at my gym.


When I was in grad school, I got really addicted to BodyPump. I really suck at incorporating a lot of weight lifting in my normal gym routine, because I don’t feel confident enough in what I’m doing to put together a solid workout plan. But BodyPump allows me to not only get in strength training in a class environment where I can just follow the instructions, but it also hits all the major muscle groups (which is also something that I struggle with).

But here is where I personally struggle with BodyPump: Squats. I dont know what it is about the Squat, but I am a wimp. I know that you’re not supposed to compare yourself to other people in the gym, but it can be hard to do in a small class with people that you see every week. I hold up pretty well against the other women in my class in ALL of the other muscle groups (except maybe biceps… I tend to wimp out a bit). Except in squats. Here they are, loading up the bar with multiple weight plates, and I seem to be stuck in the baby plates.

I dont know if it’s the squats themselves, or it’s just mental barriers, but I just can’t seem to get through the squats track without stopping. And being the competitive person that I am, it really frustrates me! I just don’t know how to beat them!! I guess it just calls for more bodypump practice…

After work I came home and ran a quick (and cold!) 1.5miles with Laney. That’s the one thing that sucks about my neighborhood – we have a very limited running loop! Hopefully once spring hits and it’s sunny later in the day we’ll be able to find some new running paths.

That’s all I really have for tonight, folks. I’ve got a big to do list to get done tonight before Chris comes into town this weekend. I need to:

1. CLEAN! My apartment is kind of a disaster zone right now.

2. Organize all the cards/flyers/brochures I got from last weekend’s bridal show.

3. Finish our wedding website.

4. Pay a few bills. ew.

Oh, and maybe sleep…


…And GO!


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