The Listmaker

13 Feb

Some people call it being a Control Freak, but I prefer the term Organized. But when I get stressed out or feel like things are a little overwhelming, I make lists. Lots and lots of lists.

And since this blog is kind of a way to express my thoughts, you all get to be privvy to my crazy organized lists! So without further ado…

My Food and Fitness Goals:

  1. Stop drinking soda (started this on January 1, and I’ve done well so far… but there is soda all over the place at my office and the evil Dr. Pepper devil on my shoulder keeps trying to break me)
  2. Work out at least 4 days a week, with a combo of cardio and strength training (when in doubt I turn to cardio, so I’m trying to make sure to incorporate more weights)
  3. Do yoga at least one day of the week (clearly I need to relax…)
  4. Drink more water (…and less coffee)
  5. Get better about planning my meals in advance (because my grocery bills are getting a little ridiculous)
  6. Make at least one new-to-me meal a week (I’ve gotten into a little bit of a food rut)

My Wedding Planning To-do

  1. Find a dress (STRESSSSSssssss)
  2. Research photographers (and stop drooling over ones I can’t afford. There must be some good ones out there that DONT charge my first born child)
  3. Finalize the caterer (we’re so close!)
  4. Update my wedding binder (It’s a hot mess)
  5. Go bridesmaids dress shopping with my girls (If I can actually get them all in one place at one time)

So there you are… some of my current lists. I’ll spare you my grocery list and my work to-do list, because those are way less exciting.

Making lists did help me make sense of my crazy day. After a busy day at work, I headed home to take Laney for a quick run. However, she is NOT a fan of her new nose harness and kept plopping herself on the ground and refusing to budge. Which kind of made running difficult. So after about a mile of running/plopping/walking/repeat, we called it a night and came back home. I then did a quick workout so I could at least feel accomplished. It wasn’t my best effort, but something is better than nothing, right?

Then came dinner. I was so not feeling anything in my fridge. Thus designer mac and cheese was born.

I managed to find an Annie’s Shells and White cheddar hidden in the back of my pantry, and comfort food was really the only thing that sounded appealing. But after I tasted it, it just was too boring. So I just started throwing stuff in. Some broccoli to add some veg action. Then some red pepper flakes for some spice, some garlic powder for some kick, and some pepper… because everything tastes better with black pepper on it. SO much better! There you have it – designer mac and cheese!

Well now I’m off to watch some David Tutera wedding shows and start knocking out my to do list!


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