Missing in Action

19 Feb

So I realize I’ve been a little MIA for the last few days. Not that anyone really reads this or has noticed as this point. But for my own accountability’s sake, I apologize for going AWOL. So let’s re-cap the last few days, shall we?


After a 9.5 hour day at work, I got a cryptic email from my co-workers: “We are picking you up at 8:3opm. You have no choice. Wear something cute”. My first thought was that they were trying to set me up with someone… which I was pretty sure that SOMEONE might have a problem with (*cough* Christopher *cough*). They even picked me up to make sure I couldn’t bail.

I was kidnapped!

They took me out to dinner at Chili’s and then we went to B-dubs to enter the beer pong tournament.


If you know me IRL, you’d know that this is SO not my normal scene.

But my coworkers are on a mission. A mission to turn me country.

You see, I’m definitely a city girl at heart. And they’ve decided that this is a problem when you live in my town. That I need to experience what it means to be country. So they’ve made me a Country Bucket list. Complete with tractor pulls, watching bull riding, attending a country music concert, and 4-wheeling. Amongst other things.

I’m afraid.

Anyway, after a few drinks, two decent rounds of beer pong (I did not partake in the beer part), being hit on by a drunken redneck, and a very late night, I got my first experience of a Culpeper county night.

I’m still not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing…



Much less crazy than Thursday. Although considering I was running on like zero sleep from Thursday night’s antics, this was probably a good thing. In fact, I even got out of work early!

So I decided to be a good puppy mommy and take Laney to the park. We have this great park near us that has a mile long trail, so we ran 3 miles and walked another.

I’m pretty sure the weather doesn’t know that it’s February, because it was like 60 degrees and everyone was out wearing shorts and t-shirts.

Add some dinner, some TV watching, and an early bed time in there, and that pretty much sums up Friday.

Lame, I know.



In my world, Monday-Friday are work days (duh, I know). But weekends are wedding days. Because it’s pretty much the only time I have to get anything done.

Luckily I was able to convince one of my AMAZING bridesmaids to drive 2 hours to meet up with me to go wedding dress shopping in Harrisonburg at Anna Joy’s. So we met for a SUPER quick lunch at Panera (turkey sandwich and greek salad, scarfed in about 5 minutes flat due to running late), and then headed over to the dress shop.

Sparkles. Lots of sparkles. Which kind of scare me.

But I did get to try on several that I liked. Including one that I really liked, but it kind of got vetoed when someone made a negative comment about it. After that I could never look at the dress the same way.




Wedding day #2 almost got sidelined by snow. My sister and I were supposed to go to a bridal show in Fredericksburg, but the warnings of SNOW SNOW SNOW! made her a little wary to drive all the way down there lest she be stuck.

So I went by myself. And had at least 5 vendors tell me how weird it was to be there alone. Yea, thanks people – THAT makes me feel great about myself! Definitely not choosing your company!

But at least I did get a bunch more ideas, so I’m still calling it a win.

Best part? It never snowed. Darn weatherpeople LIED to me!


So there you have it. A recap of the last few days. Nothing super exciting (hence the lack of posting), but I’m working on getting more accountable with this whole blogging thing.

Hopefully (if the scent wafting through my kitchen is any indication) I should have a delicious recipe up for your tomorrow!


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