Pink is bad

22 Feb

So somewhere between going to bed on Monday night and waking up on Tuesday morning, I’ve managed to develop pink eye.

Yuck. Serious yuck.

Obviously I couldn’t go in to work since pink eye is HIGHLY contagious, so I was stuck at home for another day. Normally this would be a cool thing, but after 3 days at home, I was kind of ready to get out of the house.

But now I look like a swamp creature, and leaving the house is risking weird stares and women pulling their children away.

So today has been spent on my couch watching a Gilmore Girls marathon. Super exciting, no?

I don’t really have much to talk about today since I obviously could not go to the gym (I even put on a baseball cap to walk the dog…), so I’ll at least show you a picture of some of my eats.


Lunch was a black bean and cheese quesadilla covered in salsa, and an apple on the side. Kind of random, but it got the job done.


Dinner was leftover pork chop with a dijon mustard sauce, a small salad and ghetto garlic bread (wheat toast with butter, garlic salt, and a little parmesan cheese.

The rest of the evening was spent nearly having a heart attack over the VT-UVA Basketball game. Such a heart breaker!!!



Basketball stresses me out!


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