Mr. K

23 Feb

So today has been a pretty crazy day. While taking 2 days off of work is nice and relaxing (you know, minus the gross pink eye part), it makes going back to work a little scary.

I think I spent the first half hour just staring at my giant inbox, blinking message light, and the gigantic pile of papers that were left on my chair. Total panic.

But a few to-do lists later, and I was on a roll!

Before I knew it, it was lunch time. Of course I didn’t bring lunch today since I’ve looking too much like a swamp thing to leave my apartment for the past few days to stock my fridge.

Thank goodness for FebruANY $5 footlongs at Subway. A turkey on wheat with all of the veggies (except olives, ew) and a bit of chipotle southwest definitely hit the spot. Now I don’t have to worry about lunch tomorrow either!

But you know the REAL highlight of my day? This baby.


Yup, a new coffee machine at the office definitely made my day complete. We’ve named him Mr. K.

I think I may be in love. Good thing I didn’t give up coffee for Lent!

Speaking of Lent, I DID decide to give up sweets, as I did last year. It’s definitely difficult for me, but that’s the whole point! So buh-bye sweets – I’ll miss you!!

After work, Laney and I decided to enjoy the nice weather and did a snail slow 2 mile run. I just wasn’t really feeling it today. I’m blaming the glasses. However, I did want to make the most of having to miss my beloved BodyCombat class, so I followed up the run with some Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred. Not my favorite, but it got the job done! Probably helped that I turned off the volume and watched Food Network instead.

Hey, whatever works, right?


After getting my shred on, I played my own version of Chopped in my kitchen, seeing as I have ZERO food in my fridge. So what was in my basket, you ask? a half a can of black beans. Cheese. Greek Yogurt. What does that sound like to you?


NACHOS! (Do you like the end of my Ho-Ho-Holiday TJ’s tortilla chips? So festive…) With a side of steamed broc for some veggie action. Definitely random and probably not the most nutritious meal I’ve ever made – but it gets the job done! 

Now I’m off to fold a TON of laundry. The joys of having pink eye: A new pillow case every night = a whole load of pillowcase laundry.


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