Where is my time turner?

26 Feb

This weekend has been a total whirlwind. I can’t even believe that it’s Sunday night already. I’m not ready for Monday!!! Where is a time machine (or time turner for any Harry P fans out there) when you need one?

So Friday night the boy came up to visit. Let’s just say that I’m not sure who was more excited to see him, me or Laney.


She wouldn’t even sit still for a second to snap a picture. I got about 10 like this.

Since we don’t get to see each other very often, we decided to make it a date night and I cooked dinner: Chicken stuffed with garlic herb laughing cow, sundried tomato and spinach and roasted green beans. With some herb focaccia and moscato on the side.



It’s so nice to have the table set for two…

(Also, please don’t judge the fact that I only own one wine glass so I had to be classy and drink from a cup. That’s what happens when you live alone…)

We then spent the rest of the night watching Friends with Benefits and drinking wine. We’re lame cute like that.

Saturday was a CRAZY day. We drove down to Lynchburg, VA (about 2 hours from me) to register for our wedding! AH! It was a really fun experience, but it was definitely stressful at the end. 3 hours of debating china plates and knife sets kind of made my head hurt. But I think it was a really good start!

Sadly, from there Chris had to go back to school, and I went back home to cuddle with Laney (who was not happy that I was alone… clearly she likes her dad more than me).

Sunday I checked a few errands off my list, including returning a few items at the mall, buying new glasses (I learned my lesson from the pink eye shenanigans), and visiting the magical world of COSTCO.

Seriously, Heaven.

I was a little overwhelmed, as always, but I did leave with a few important items, such as a GIANT container of roasted artichoke hearts, a MEGA bag of frozen berries, and a HUGE tub of spring mix. Oh, and gummy vitamins. Don’t judge me.

Afterwards I came home, took Laney for a brisk walk in the gorgeous weather, and cooked a dinner a la Brittany. A salmon and veggie packet!


There is salmon hidden in there, I swear..

I topped the Salmon with red peppers, onions, and asparagus mixed with olive oil, spices, garlic, and lemon juice, and baked in the oven for about 20ish minutes.


Served with some slightly burned quinoa. Note to self, quinoa in the rice cooker is NOT a good idea. It was worth a try.

Despite the slightly toasted quinoa, it was a very delicious meal all in all. I call this a win!

Now I’m off to scour Macys for more things to add to our registry!! So stressful but so exciting!


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