Pooped pup

29 Feb

Things have been a little insane in the MFL house lately.

Yesterday was Laney’s first day at Doggie Day Care. I felt like a mama dropping their kid off at preschool for the first time. I didn’t want to say goodbye! Luckily the Head Trainer was nice and let me watch from the windows in the barn for a few minutes while Laney ran around and made friends with a GIANT cockapoo. I’m sure she was thinking I was a crazy lady…

I’m just a worried puppy mama!

I also may have emailed in the middle of the day… just to check.

Ok, maybe I may be crazy.

But after a long workday I went to go pick her up, and I had one POOPED puppy on my hands. She was passed out in the car within about a minute. And then we got home… and she passed out more. I even had to entice her to eat dinner.


She then proceeded to pass out in bed and not move all night.

Today was a cold and dreary day in Culpeper, full of thunderstorms and crazy wind. Definitely was one of those days where I would have rather spent the day curled in bed with a good book.

It was so gross I ALMOST talked myself into skipping the gym… but my guilty conscious kicked in and I decided to go at the last second.

And when I say at the last second, I literally ran into Body Combat soaking wet, with my shoes squeaking like crazy on the gym floor, halfway through the warmup. Yea, I was that girl.

Seeing as I ate like crap at lunch (I always have a hard time passing up going out to lunch with co-workers, and today it was to pizza hut. Not really my thing. Oh, and they were out of lettuce…So it was basically a giant carb fest), I was definitely crazing veggies.

So even though my planned meal was pasta, I nixed that immediately and went straight for my giant tub of spring mix.

Enter the taco salad.


With a blackberry Izze that I got at the grocery store today. Note to self: don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. At least they were on sale.

I topped the spring mix with tomatoes, red peppers, colbyjack cheese, chicken and onions that I cooked up quickly with some spices, tortilla chips for some crunch, and topped with salsa and greek yogurt. DELISH.

Speaking of, I bought these new tortilla chips and I’m kind of in love. Look at the ingredient list – Not too shabby!



Now I’m off to check a few things off the wedding check-list, including beginning to address all 72 save the date envelopes. Ack!



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