Gold Medal BodyPumping!

1 Mar

Today was just a bizarre day. One of those days where I kind of just wanted to crawl back into bed and call a do-over. Let’s review, shall we?:

– It’s the 1st of March (um, hello? How did THAT happen?) and it was a sunny 69 degrees outside. That’s just weird.

– I had a really oddly timed appointment in the middle of normal lunch time, so I ended up eating my afternoon snack at 11:15, and then eating my actual lunch at 2:30. Which was just kind of confusing to my stomach.

– Seeing as I work in an office with 7 women, and 10 outside female contractors, there are definitely times when there is estrogen overload in our office. Today was one of those days when some testosterone would have been very much appreciated.

After work I headed to the gym for BodyPump, with the intention of upping a few of my weights. Especially for the dreaded biceps track, which is seriously like my kryptonite. But I powered through today and even made it all the way through biceps without stopping! I’ve never done that before!!

It’s probably because I was trying to beat everyone else.

You see, I’m a competitive person by nature. I’ve been playing sports since I started to swim at age 4, and started gymnastics shortly after. I like to win.

Which is why I like group classes. I always feel like it’s a competition and I push myself to win. Maybe I’m just weird, but I like to be at the front of the room and holding planks longer than the next person or making it all the way through a Bodypump track without stopping.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this?


So after my first place in BodyPump, I headed home for a total carbfest. For some reason (*cough* PMS *cough) I was totally craving pasta.


So I loaded up my veggie sauce with extra spinach and some leftover mozzarella and parm for as much veggie action as I could get. And an Izze on the side, of course. Best impulse grocery store purchase ever.

I am now spending the rest of my evening like this:


Addressing 70+ Save the Date envelopes, and stressing out over Hokie Basketball.

Edit: Hokies… you kill me. Can we please stop attempting to set the record for most games lost by 5 points or less? I can’t take many more nailbiters…


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