Cheerleader Day

4 Mar

Have you ever have one of those days where you just wake up knowing that it’s either going to be a REALLY good day, or a REALLY bad one?

For me, if it’s a bad day, my brain kind of sounds like this (said in my most emo, whiny, black nail polish wearing voice): “I don’t want to get out of bed…it’s cold…my hair is stupid…all of my clothes are stupid…I don’t want to go to work…I wonder if I could take the day off…this is stupid…”

However, on a good day, I sound like an overly peppy high school cheerleader: “OMGeee, today is great! I am going to rock today! Let’s get going, I have a million things I need to get accomplished and I know I can do it! Go team ME!”

Today was one of those cheerleader days.

(For clarity, I was definitely never a cheerleader. While I had the tumbling down, being obnoxiously peppy and cheering for my High School’s AWFUL football team was about as appealing as poking my eye with a pencil).

Today, I rocked things. I was up early for church, and actually made it there with like 5 minutes to spare (as opposed to my normal 30 seconds before service starts).

Then since the gym is right across the street, I headed over and knocked out one of the best runs I’ve had in a LONG time. 4 miles, plus another half mile for warm up and cool down. And I even did it without a movie! You see, I am SO not a runner, and usually the only way I can really bare it is when I can totally zone out and pretend I’m not actually moving my legs uncomfortably fast. So I prefer to either zone out in the Cardio Cinema or listen to a podcast. But alas the movie today sucked, and I was out of new podcasts! So I had to rely on tunes… and it worked! Who knew!!

When I got home, I was already on a roll. So I decided to start my spring cleaning and cleaned my whole apartment. I even busted out the dreaded vacuum.

Then I took it one step further and organized my pantry. It needed it. Badly.


Then I took Laney for a long walk, showered, went grocery shopping, and put in laundry. Phew! Go team!

I rounded out the evening by cooking TWO meals to eat throughout the week. I’m trying to get more in the habit of preparing things on Sunday when I have more time.

One I will share with you today, but the other you’re just going to have to wait for! I know… you’re on the edge of your seat. Sorry, I’m mean like that.


Roasted veggies and sausage! I mixed chopped zucchini, yellow squash, orange peppers, onions, and two kinds of chicken sausage (buffalo and garlic herb) with olive oil, italian spices, and garlic. Then I roasted it at 400 for about an hour.



I paired it with a totally random purchase from the Martin’s health food aisle -  Creamy parmesan risotto. The stats aren’t terrible either, all considering.

IMG_0277 IMG_0278


SO delicious together. I basically scarfed it down, along with a glass of pinot. Well, I didn’t scarf the wine… that would have been bad. I’m a lightweight.


Now I’m off to watch Something Borrowed with my glass of wine and my puppy. Definitely deserved after today’s crazy day!

Go Team!! 🙂


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