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5 Mar

So I was a bad newbie blogger today. I did not take a single picture.

I know. Mega sad face.

And because I’m pretty sure you don’t want to just stare at a bunch of words like it’s English class all over again, I am going to interject a few inspirational quotes a la pinterest.

(If you don’t know what pinterest is, you need to google it immediately. And you’re welcome.)

You see, today has been kind of crazy. First it snowed. Like a LOT. Considering that it was around 65 degrees a few days ago and I was about to bust out my t-shirts, it was definitely unexpected. It felt weird to put on a knit sweater.

Then all of the snow disappeared. In the span of an hour. Seriously – it had even melted from the grass. If you had just driven in to town, you would have NO clue that it had just snowed.

March is weird.

After work I did head over to the Monday Drop It! Challenge (you can see recaps of the other classes I’ve gone to here and here) for BodyAttack! I’ve done BodyAttack at my gym before and it is definitely an intense class so I wasn’t really sure how it was going to work in a huge group setting, but they worked it out pretty well.

They did drop out the arms and the core track, and put in MORE cardio, so it was definitely intense. But man did I feel like I was back in high school gym class when they made us run circles around the auditorium!

Dinner was an exact repeat of last night, so I figure you probably don’t want to see the same picture again. What can I say, I cook like an Italian grandma with 20 mouths to feed. I can’t help it.

I promise I will have more interesting things to post tomorrow (and I’ll take some pictures!). Now I’m off to watch some nonsense TV and send a bunch of wedding emails. My life is oh so exciting…


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