Busy Busy Busy!

11 Mar

So these last few days have been a TOTAL whirlwind! Since Chris was back for a few days for Spring Break, we decided to try and cram as MANY wedding events in to 3 days as we could manage. And I would say that overall, we were pretty successful.

To save you from having to listen to a full detailed account, I’ll just give you a synopsis of the last 72 hours…

Thursday Night:

Chris, his younger sister, his mom, and I all went out to a caterer testing at Caroline Street Catering.

Let me just say – caterer tastings are seriously the best things ever. A ton of delicious free food? yes. Free? YES! We seriously walked out totally stuffed.

It was a great meeting though, and I feel like we should have everything come together completely very soon. Phew – one more thing off my list!


We started the morning SUPER early driving up to Stafford to meet with a Financial Advisor. I won a free plan with an advisor from First Command.


I am all over budgets and my own finances, but I know nothing about Roth IRAs or Retirement plans or any of that stuff, so I feel like this is going to be really exciting and informative.

Plus, you know, it’s free. So that’s awesome.

After the meeting, Chris’ mom, sister and I headed over to check out a dress that I had really liked, but really wasn’t sure about. We made Chris sit in the car. Sorry, no spoilers!

Chris and I were supposed to have an engagement photo session in the afternoon, but our photographer had a family emergency and had to cancel. Which actually ended up being ok, because we were able to spend a few hours registering.

I have to admit, registering is kind of fun… it’s like shopping but without spending money!

We finished the night by going out to dinner with a good friend of ours who is on spring break from law school in Miami. We went out for Indian food, but I failed to get any pictures. My bad!


(Are you starting to see how crazy things were???)

We got to sleep in Saturday, which was VERY much needed after the insanity of Friday. After a late breakfast, we headed over to Kohls to do some more registering. I’m happy to say that we’re probably about 85% complete, which is definitely a relief!

We then headed about 1.5 hours to Richmond to meet with a potential photographer, Sara Tyer!

Chris actually went to High School with her, so it was nice to already know a lot about her. We spent almost 2 hours at Starbucks chatting about weddings and photography, and she was absolutely terrific. No decisions have been made for sure yet, but I’d definitely say that she’s at the top of our list! You should check her out!

The rest of the evening was spent having dinner with Chris’ family and family friends. Definitely a nice way to relax after a long and busy day!


Chris had to leave EARLY Sunday morning to get back to school (boo), which felt even EARLIER thanks to Daylight Savings (BOO!).

Shortly after he left, I headed up to meet with my bestie/bridesmaid to go wedding dress shopping! 4 hours and 2 stores later, I think I’ve found the one!! I wish I could share details, but since Chris reads this I don’t want to ruin anything! But I’m definitely excited!!

Afterwards we stopped for lunch at Wegmans and hit up the hot bar. Sorry for the phone photo, I left my camera at my friend’s house!!


Let’s see if I can remember everything I took a sample of…

On the top (left to right) was some kung pao tofu, roasted veggies, and veggie fried rice. The bottom was a chicken spring roll, a bite each of shrimp in cream sauce and cashew chicken, and some organic chicken dumplings. I wolfed this all down.

Good thing we went AFTER dress shopping…

After I got home (and one Starbucks venti iced coffee later), I took Laney on a 2 mile run since it was so gorgeous outside! It wasn’t my best run ever, but hey, I’ll take it.

Dinner was some leftover chili that I put over whole wheat spaghetti to make some chili mac! It definitely hit the spot, and considering I have like 2 tupperware containers left, it definitely needed to be eaten.


I promise, I’ll get my camera back soon!

Now I’m off to start working on my taxes… SUPER FUN.



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