Beloved Puffs

16 Mar



HOORAY!!! It is a miracle!! My new happy green light charger came in last night and I am back up and running again! Stephanie > Technology after all!

Ok, that’s a lie and we all know it. But a girl can pretend…

Also, please don’t judge my horrible computer art skills. I swear I do actually  have a minute shred of artistic talent in there somewhere!


So there is something we need to discuss. I have a problem. Ok, if I’m being honest here. The first step is admitting you have a problem right? I have an addiction.

A cereal addiction.

It all started with Reese’s Puffs in high school. Those fake little balls of chocolate and peanut butter laced with goodness knows what else. They were awesome and I could seriously eat through a box in a day.



Then I started eating healthy. And somehow I just couldn’t rationalize chocolate corn puffs as a healthy breakfast option anymore. So I said a tearful goodbye…

Other cereals have come and gone briefly throughout my life, but none have held my love like the Puffs.

Until now.

Meet: The Crack Cheerio Peanut Butter Cheerio


Seriously. I am in love. They are like my precious Puffs, except slightly better for you! I mean, we’re not talking as nutritious a an egg white omelette and some fresh fruit here… but we’re also not talking 99% sugar either.

This is where the problem lies… I literally went through a box in less than a week. By myself. It’s bad people, it’s bad.

But seriously… I need to get my hands on more of these.

That only sounds mildly crazy, right?


So I suppose I should tell you about today…

To be honest, it wasn’t all that exciting. I went to work, did a bunch of paperwork, played with some babies… the usual.

Except that I have a nasty cold and basically can’t hear anything… or smell anything… or, you know, breathe. Minor details.

Since today was a rest day from the gym, I came home and took Laney for a walk (after stopping by Lowes to get a copy made of my car key, since my old key basically stopped being able to turn my car on. Just a little bit of an issue). The weather is kind of dreary and overcast and I was afraid it was going to  start pouring on me, so we power walked, which at least got my heart rate up.

Then I spent 30 minutes frantically helping Chris gather up trivia questions for an event he has going on at school. Questions like:

How many different colors are on a Rubik’s cube?  Six

Who sang the 1980s hit song ‘Billie Jean’?  Michael Jackson

Which musical phenom is the basis of the musical and the play ‘Amadeus?’  Mozart!

I love random trivia!

Then I ran to bible study and managed to lock my keys in the car (doh!) Yup, those brand new keys that I just had made a few hours prior (double doh!). Thank goodness for AAA. It more than pays for itself!

Finally I got home at about 9 and pretty much shoved anything I could find in my fridge on my plate before I started eating the plate itself. Needless-to-say, dinner was pretty random.


Pork tenderloin with dijon mustard, brown rice with salsa and cheese, and roasted green beans. And some OJ on the side for more Vitamin C.

I am blaming this totally random meal on the fact that I cant smell, or taste, anything at this point. Stupid cold.

…Ok, we all know that’s a lie. I eat this random all the time.

Well now I’m off to go veg out to some old school Grey’s Anatomy (I’m hooked again… darn it!). I’ve got a giant list of wedding and life related things that I need to get done tomorrow, so I am taking this evening to relax and prepare myself.

Have a good night!


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