Weekend from my Weekend

18 Mar

Remember the days when weekends used to be relaxing? When there would be no school, you could sleep in, and spend all day doing whatever you wanted?

What happened to those? I feel like a need a weekend from my weekend.

So far this weekend I have:

– Been measured for my wedding dress

– Spent 2 hours stuck in traffic driving to meet with some of my bridesmaids

– Spent all day Saturday looking for bridesmaid’s dresses

– Gone to a bridal show

– Made several presents for my future step-sister-in-law’s birthday

– Attempted to work on my taxes

So much for relaxing, right? Although on a good note, I DID get my camera back! Hooray!! No more crappy phone photos for awhile!


So let’s talk about some eats, shall we?

This morning’s breakfast was intended to be able to hold me over through the bridal show since I had no idea how long the thing would last, or how much food would be there.


Lemon chobani yogurt, some frozen berries, granola, with a side of turkey bacon. And some tea because goodness knows I’m a total caffeine addicts. It’s a problem.

At the bridal show I did have a few nibbles of hors d’oeuvres and caterer samples here and there, but nothing major.

On a side note, I’m seriously the bridal show champion. Somehow I manage to win at least 1 prize every time! This time it was 100 individualized thank you cards, which is totally awesome! I’m on a roll here, people!

When I got home it was almost 5:00 and I was STARVED. I had a bit of leftover Chipotle from the night before, so I scarfed it in about 3 seconds flat.


Chicken burrito bowl with most of the fixin’s.

And if I’m being real here, the scene looked more like this:


Scarfing food while drinking Starbucks and watching last week’s episode of Smash on Hulu. I’m classy like that. Also, where’s Waldo Stephanie?

I then spent the next few hours finishing up the birthday presents that I was working on… with what is quickly becoming my new hobby: Ceramic painting.

I got these pens on clearance at Michael’s a few weeks ago, and I am seriously obsessed. A few $.99 mugs from GoodWill later (since I wasn’t sure how this was going to go and was too cheap to spend $5 on good mugs in case it totally failed), and I ended up with this:


Obviously the gift receiver is as big of a Hokie fan as I am, so this was only appropriate. And the second is loosely based off a Vera Bradley design that I liked. Now all they need is to finish drying and spend a few hours in a low-heated oven, and they will be good to go!

Dinner was equally random, because I have a TON of random leftovers in my fridge. So once again, dinner a la pregnant woman: *Again, I am NOT preggers. I just eat like I am.


The last of the pork tenderloin with dijon mustard, brown rice with cheese and salsa, and leftover roasted green beans. And more OJ because I’m STILL trying to fight off this cold.

Well now I’m off to go fight with my taxes more. Maybe with a bottle of wine… that might help.

So, so true…


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