Day of Truth

19 Mar

I am doing my best to be completely truthful here, because I always appreciate other blogs that are open and honest about their lives. The good and the bad.

So you know what, here are some of my truths for the day.

Truth: I was running a few minutes late for work today because I decided that an extra 15 minutes of sleep sounded WAY better than actually making it to work on time. Thank goodness for an extremely flexible schedule.

However, this also meant that I had to bring my breakfast to work with me, since I definitely didn’t have time to eat it at home.

Truth: I officially ordered my dress today and I’m completely petrified. I HATE making decisions and this is such an important one that I’m so scared to make the wrong decisions! Especially since I now have to go months without even seeing the dress.

I’m both excited and terrified.

Truth: Sometimes I feel like my gym outfit makes me feel so much more motivated.


I’m not usually the kind of girl who is motivated by clothes, but for whatever reason I have a few gym outfits that just make me feel so athletic and happy.

Enough to take awkward pictures of myself in the dressing room… I feel like I’m back in high school again (MySpace anyone? Remember those days?)

Also, Truth: My hair went up in to a really awkward ponytail that kept falling out during CXWorks immediately after this picture was taken. Apparently my gym style motivation does not reach to my hairstyle…

Truth: Sometimes I have crappy runs. Today the gym was literally a sweltering 80+ degrees, and it just zapped all the luster out of my run. I called it quits after 2 hard miles because I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. However, I tried to make the best out of it and took Laney for another mile run when I got home. It was so much cooler outside with the sun going down – much better running weather!

Truth: I also may have let my mom talk me in to a half marathon in the fall/winter (in Florida). Truth: I’m terrified.


Truth: Sometimes I impress myself when I cook without a real recipe and it turns out 100x better than I expected. Growing up, whenever we were running out of food, we would make what has been affectionately known as “Pasta Surprise” – which is basically a hodge podge of anything you could find in the fridge that would taste good in pasta. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it definitely did not.

Well tonight was a prime example of pasta surprise success! I sautéed some onions, mixed peppers, spinach, edamame, and broccoli with some garlic and olive oil. I then mixed in some Arrabiata sauce I had on hand.

But I wasn’t really feeling spicy food tonight (despite all of the salsa/cheese rice I’ve been eating lately… I know, I have strange taste buds), so I decided to mix in 2 laughing cow light swiss cheese wedges to tone down the spice.

Mixed with some whole wheat fusilli and topped with a bit of parm. SO GOOD!

Good thing I have leftovers, because I KNOW you all want to see more pictures of it! Truth: I know I eat leftovers too often to be exciting. Hey, I’m just being real here.

So that’s about it for tonight. I’ve got a few things I need to get accomplished, so I’m going to attempt to be productive at 11pm… let’s see how well this goes.

Truth: I’m probably just going to sit here and watch Food Network instead. Let’s be honest.


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