Gumby Wannabe

20 Mar

Today has been a busy, busy day! Even though I’ve been at my job for almost 10 months now, there are still times that things come up that I’ve never done before – and today was one of those days. Which means that I spent most of my morning frantically making calls and making sure I crossed all my T’s and dotted all my I’s.

Which means I didn’t end up eating lunch until like 1:30pm. The soup that I had planned to eat just didn’t sound good at the time, so I ran to Subway for a turkey sandwich. Definitely hit the spot.

Then it was back to work!


With a break at the end of the day for some almonds and coffee. Definitely necessary.



After work I headed over to the gym for yoga.

Some days I LOVE yoga. I am pretty naturally flexible (and spent way to many years as a gymnast), so I like that most of it comes pretty easy to me. I also like how loose it makes me feel during and after. Sometimes I walk out with noodle legs,  but it is still a good feeling.

But then there are some days when I STRONGLY dislike yoga. Like Today. Maybe it was because I was so tense at work all day, but I felt like my muscles were SOOOO tight. I could hardly hold some of the standing strength poses.

And then during one of the tracks, she had us doing frog pose.


…Yea… my legs don’t bend like that. Sorry. What am I, Gumby?


But overall, yoga was a struggle today. I’m still glad I went though – a just OK workout is better than no workout, right?


After the gym I ran and picked up Laney from doggie day care. And man was she DIRTY! Clearly they spent a lot of time rolling outside! Which meant that my first priority when  I got home was definitely a bath. Which she hates.

Once she dried out, she plopped herself on the floor and just keeps looking at me pathetically.


Dinner was a repeat of last night (surprise, surprise, right?)


Pasta surprise with some parmesan and a big glass of water (x2).

This evening I’m planning on working on organizing some wedding stuff. And maybe fighting with my taxes some more. Are you sensing a theme here??? 


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