In the eye of the beholder

24 Mar

… or the taste tester.

But more on that later.

So I know I’ve been a little bit of a slacker lately. I apologize for that. Life has gotten in the way a little bit, but I’m ready to catch you up. Luckily, yesterday was terribly unexciting, so there isn’t a whole lot to actually talk about. I went to work. It was crazy busy. I had to eat lunch while driving in between appointments. I met up with some coworkers for dinner at Chili’s after my crazy day. I went to bible study (which I have to miss for the next few weeks due to travel… boo!). I came home and watched some TV and vegged on my couch. That’s it! BORING!

However, I did get a lot of compliments on my hair/outfit yesterday. I am definitely by no means a stylish individual. Mostly because I’m cheap and I’m not confident enough to be brave in my wardrobe. But I was pretty proud of myself yesterday.

So I was vain and took a picture of myself. And now I’m going to show you. Clearly I’m not used to taking pictures of myself because it took me like 15 tries to get this one.


Ok, vain moment over.


So today has been pretty busy too. I headed over to the gym this morning planning on going to spin class, since I haven’t been in awhile. I got there WAY early because last time I went the class was so packed I got a bike with a broken monitor, so I had to guess my speed and resistance the whole time. But apparently no one wanted to go out in the gross weather this morning, and there were like 5 people in class total.

At least I got a working bike this time!

Class was killer, as usual. It was a new-to-me instructor (I guess filling in the usual one? I hope?) who was clearly an outdoor cycler. She basically switched off between sprint tracks and climbing tracks, which I guess is what you would normally do outside. No jump tracks at all! Which sucks because those are definitely my favorite!

It was still a tough class though and I was dripping buckets by the end. As I was walking out, I saw one of my favorite yoga instructors walking in to the studio, and she mentioned that there was a BodyFlow class starting in 5 minutes if I was interested… Umm… sure? I can barely feel my legs, but sure?

Except that she wasn’t even the one teaching it! She did two tracks, and then a newbie instructor took over. And boy could you tell she was new! She did a decent job of calling out the moves, but she kept trying to get people to interact with her. She’d call out “how are you doing back there?” “Where are you feeling this move”?” etc. It was kind of weird and got me out of my zone.

Plus, she kept making awkward sex noises while we were holding moves. Umm… do you need a personal moment lady?

Oh, and she flashed us once. If you’re going to stand in front of the class and lead us in hip openers with your legs spread, you probs shouldn’t wear loose fitting booty shorts. Just a thought.

But needless-to-say, by the end of the class my legs were like jello.


Then I proceeded to go home and scrounge through my empty fridge like a savage beast. This is what I came up with:


Whole wheat pasta with shredded chicken, spinach, pasta sauce and parm. And a giant glass of water x2. Delish.

I then spent my afternoon running errands. Men’s Wearhouse and JCPennys to talk suits for the groomsmen, AAA to pick up maps for Chris’ trip to Ireland, Macys to look at towels, and Michaels because I am a craft whore.

Oh, and I may have gotten a little sidetracked at a few stores… whoops. I got a new dress out of it though.


So dinner was a recipe I kind of made up after rummaging through my fridge/freezer  for anything that I could call a meal. I’m trying to put off grocery shopping and make sure I actually eat through all of my current food before I spend money on more.

Well it was a good idea in theory, and it tasted delicious. But it definitely looked like crap.


I started by coating a cod fillet that I found in my freezer (thawed, obviously) with egg whites and an Italian bread crumb/parm mixture. I then threw this in a pan with olive oil for a few minutes on each side.

Simple, right? Except that the breading didn’t really want to stay on the fish. I’m thinking it was maybe the eggs? Maybe that doesn’t work on fish like on chicken? Anyway, the breading kept falling off and making a mess. It was not pretty when it went on the plate.


(I warned you!)

Paired with some broccoli and some Jasmine rice sprinkled with lime juice. As I said, doesn’t look very pretty, but my taste buds didn’t care. The breading had a good crunch and it was actually extremely tasty!

Deliciousness Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I guess!

Now I’m off to talk more wedding registry stuff with the boy, and then PASS OUT!



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