A picture is worth 1000 words

2 Apr


Don’t try and take a candid picture of me… or this is what you’ll end up with.

Sorry I’ve been totally MIA the last few days. Life has kind of been a little crazy. I spent last Thursday and Friday at a conference/training for work (SO DULL), and then headed down to Blacksburg to pick up Chris and my friend Sara before heading down to see our fellow Human Development cohort friend Tasha get MARRIED!

Since I’ve been gone so long, I figure that instead of giving a recap, it might just be more fun to give you a picture recap instead. So pardon all the phone photos – I’m still not comfortable busting out a camera in the middle of public to take a picture of my sandwich.





Overall, it was a great experience getting to go to the wedding, especially with Chris. It’s the first wedding that he’s been to since he was a kid, so it was great for him to see what a real wedding is like. We got SO many ideas. Plus we got to practice dancing (truth – he knows how to Waltz; I definitely dance like a middle schooler).


F0r a Monday, today has been a pretty crazy one. After taking Thursday and Friday off for the conference, I came back to like 100 emails and a GIANT to do list. So today was definitely a pretty busy day, and I really only stopped for lunch.


Small salad (spring mix, spinach and orange bell pepper with Italian dressing), PB&J and a sobe lifewater. Pretty boring, but it got the job done.

After work I headed to the gym for some much needed sweating. I basically have not gotten my sweat on since last Tuesday!

I did the new CXWorks launch. Holy cow! It’s a doozy! I definitely thought I was going to die during the second track and the insanely long rocking plank. Afterwards I headed to the Cardio cinema and knocked out 4 miles while watching Get Smart. It was actually a pretty good run considering that I haven’t run in a few weeks. But considering I have a hilly 5K coming up in 2 weeks, I thought I should probably get back into it a little.

Then I came home to walk Laney, and instead found this:


A leak in my bathroom! Apparently there was a problem with the toilet in the apartment above me, which then resulted in me coming home to a bathroom floor covered in water. Lovely. After a frantic call to the emergency maintenance guy, he managed to plug the hole temporarily for the night so they can come work on it all tomorrow. So I just get to live with a giant bucket in my bathroom and drippy noises.


Dinner was a grilled turkey burger (hidden under some colby jack cheese and a massive dollop of ketsup), some broc, and a baked potato with a hefty spoonful of greek yogurt and some chives.

Served with a nice glass of wine, of course. 🙂

Now I’m going to spend the evening trying to get some of this wedding stuff on track. I got a little lax the last week or so with all the craziness of life and the fact that we’ve knocked out a lot of the big things. But I need to get back in to it and get some to-do lists started.

Because that’s what I do!


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