3 Apr

I don’t know about any one else, but this song always reminds me of 7th Heaven when Ruthie goes around singing “Ch-ch-Changes”. Anyone else remember that?

(Does anyone else even remember 7th Heaven?)

So I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting today, and I think that I am going to start making some changes in my life to hopefully improve on my health and my fitness. I’ve been in a little bit of a plateau lately (weight wise and food wise) and I really think that this will help jump start me out of it.

And because I really love lists, here it is:

Upcoming Changes

1) Drink more water. I’ve been trying to work on this one, and there are times when I really do well and times when I drink almost no water at all. I’ve basically completed stopped drinking soda or anything else while out at restaurants, but I still don’t drink enough water during the day. So I am really going to focus on upping my water intake, because they say that water is good not only for weight loss, but for things like skin health as well.

2) Up my cardio. I used to be a cardio queen back in college. My usual gym routine (HA – aka whenever I decided to actually go to the gym) usually consisted of either the elliptical or the treadmill and that was it. Weights scared me. However now I’ve heard about ALL the benefits of strength training and I’ve basically flip-flopped. 4 of my 5 workouts per week are made up primarily of strength training. So I’m hoping that maybe adding a bit more cardio ON TOP of my strength training (I’m not taking any strength training out!) will break me out of this weight plateau.

3) Get back to making at least 1 new meal a week. I went through a time where I was REALLY great about this, but I’ve been slacking a little recently. It’s been more staple meals (and ok, some PB&Js), but I really do love being creative in the kitchen. So I would really like to get back to this.

4) Research and invest in a new pair of running shoes. I am embarrassed to admit that I’ve had my current shoes for WAY too long, and as I’m upping my running a little more (see #2), I am starting to feel it in my knees and ankles. I think it is time to really invest in a good new pair – and not just the cheap ones, which is what my natural tendency is. If I’m going to commit to running, I need to commit to doing it right.

5) Watch my portion sizes. I really think that this is what kills me. I make fairly good food choices most of the time, and I really don’t keep a whole lot of junk in my house. And yet I’ve plateaued in weight. And I’m really starting to think that I’ve just been eating TOO MUCH healthy food. So I’m really going to start working on this and trying to remember what a healthy portion looks like.

And before any questions start, I am NOT going to be counting calories. While I know that this really works for some people, it is just really not a good option for me for a variety of reasons. I’d rather try working from a more intuitive eating standpoint and see if that changes anything before I go in to more hardcore counting.

I’m hoping that by focusing on these few changes, that I might finally break free of this standstill!

I have to be bikini ready for my honeymoon in 7 months from today, after all!

Oh jeez… 7 months!!!


So that being said, I tried to incorporate #2 into my workout today. I started with an hour long yoga class. Ok, it was more like 45 min. I skipped the meditation section. I know, I know. But I just hate getting all sleepy and relaxed and then having to motivate myself to go finish my workout. So I just skip it.

Bad, bad yogi!

Anyway, after yoga I did 30 min of intervals on the elliptical on level 9. I like the elliptical because I can actually read a magazine and zone out a little, but these intervals definitely had me huffing and puffing a little towards the end! Yay cardio!


Dinner incorporated change #3 – making a new meal!


After broiling a small salmon filet, I sautéed some tri-color peppers, artichoke hearts and green beans and mixed it all in with the salmon. To this I added a wedge of laughing cow cheese (for some creaminess) and a big spoonful of basil pesto, and let it heat throughout. Then I mixed it all with some whole wheat rotini.


Topped with a bit of parm and served with some OJ (the sniffles are going around my office and I’m trying to keep them at bay!). Delicious!

I would call this random meal a total success! Plus I have a bunch of leftovers!

Sometimes cooking for one is really nice!


Well now I’m off to watch the finale of Dance Moms (don’t judge me) and attempt to get a few wedding things done!

Wish me luck on my Ch-ch-changes (I just can’t say that without singing it like creepy David Bowie)!!


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