One of those days

4 Apr

Today has been one of those days where, from the start, nothing seems to be going right. The copier machine jams, some last minute work things come up that make you stay late, office politics, etc… just one of those days.

So when it came around to motivating myself to go to the gym (after spending an extra half hour at work), I was struggling a little bit.

Thank goodness for Pinterest,


So true, Pinterest, so true.

We are less than 7 months out from the wedding and I am doing my very best not to get discouraged. But it can be hard when you get stuck in a plateau and just don’t seem to be moving anywhere. I have to keep reminding myself that every step is a step in the right direction…

So to BodyCombat I went! It was actually a pretty tough workout  and by the end I was a sweaty beast. Although I did kind of roll my ankle in one of the early tracks, so I had to be a bit more conservative than usual on my high knees and jumps. But I tried to make up for it by punching my little heart out.

Ok, that sounded kind of graphic…

After I got home, I opened my very sad and empty fridge to try and scrounge up up some dinner.


I ended up with a baked potato covered in leftover chili and some greek yogurt. I also had a salad made of spring mix, red bell pepper, and salsa on the side. Kind of random, but it definitely got the job done!

In terms of my goals, I actually did pretty well today. I had 2 full glasses of water at work, 2 at the gym, and 1 with dinner. For me, that’s actually extremely good. It’s definitely something I’m going to continue to work on, but I am pretty happy with day one!

Well now I’m off to research florists and new running shoes!


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