Was it worth it?

9 Apr

It seems to be becoming a trend for me to skip posting on the weekends. And to be honest, I’m surprisingly ok with that.

When I started working on losing weight and becoming a healthier person, I always said that I wanted to do it and still live a normal life. That meant no crash diets, no cleanses, no crazy workout schedule. Nothing that I couldn’t keep up for more than a few weeks at a time. I knew that this meant that things would go slower, but I’d rather be ok enjoying a cup of Froyo with my friends (or by myself, let’s be real) than feeling so guilty for anything I ate not on my “list” of ok foods.

Same goes with blog posting.

This weekend was extremely busy for me. All of Chris’ family went down to Blacksburg to spend Easter together, including his brother and sister-in-law who came up from Tony’s training in NC before he gets deployed next week. There was a lot of socializing, Taboo playing, drinking, and eating. Definitely a lot of eating. And I decided that it was more important to enjoy it than to make sure I documented every bit of it.

So to recap, did I exercise? Not unless you count walking around campus a LOT and chasing Laney at the Dogpark to be exercise. Did I eat healthy? Some of the time. There were a lot of tater tots, artichoke dip, and wine consumed, but I also did my best to make sure that there were plenty of veggies in there too. Did I struggle a little bit this weekend letting go and having fun instead of focusing on being healthy? Yea, at times it was definitely extremely difficult. Especially at the giant, fancy schmancy Easter buffet lunch.

But was it worth it? Absolutely.



Somehow I managed to wake up this morning with a massive chest cold, complete with the gross sounding hacking cough and no voice. I’m not sure whether to blame the lack of sleep from the past few days, being on a college campus infested with gross teenagers who don’t always wash their hands, or the fact that my immune system is total crap no matter how many vitamins I take.

Either way, I am feeling gross. I even went in to work late so I could have a few extra hours of sleep to try and fight it off.

But even when I went in to work at noon, the only thing I could even fathom eating was a PB&J and a hot cup of tea. Hey, when you’re sick, nothing tastes as good as a PB&J.

After work I faced a serious dilemma. I’ve always heard that if you are sick and debating whether you should work out or not, the rule generally says “if you’re sick above the neck, you’re fine. Below the neck, take caution”. So I then proceeded to sit there for 30 minutes and debate whether a chest cold counted as above or below the neck, since it’s half above and just a teeny bit below.

In the end, I decided to go to the gym, but to play it by ear (or feel, I guess). So I completed my usual CXWorks class, which I figured would be ok since there really isn’t a whole lot of cardio going on (but holy rolling planks!"). I was feeling ok, so I decided to try a little cardio, but nothing crazy. I ended up doing 10min on the stairmaster. However my lungs were definitely feeling it and I made the executive decision to call it quits for today.

Afterwards, I proceeded to practically spend my entire paycheck on groceries.

Ok, mild exaggeration, but you get the idea. It was a lot of money.

But it was seriously necessary, considering the state of my fridge.


Literally, nothing. Hence why I’ve been living off of PB&Js!


MUCH better!

I know it might not seem like a ton of food, but considering that I live by myself and one tub of spring mix can make like 10 salads, this is actually a lot of food.

But since I still felt like crap, I decided to forgo any of the delicious food that I bought (including a parm panko crusted pork chop – um, yum!) for a can of soup.



It seriously was the only thing that sounded good. And at least it had a semi-decent ingredient list.


I’ll spare you a picture of my actual bowl, since you can see from the background that it doesn’t exactly look appetizing. But it really did taste pretty good. And definitely helped my sore throat.

I had a list of things that I was going to try to accomplish this evening, but I’m thinking that I might just end up passing out. I need to kick this cold before the weekend, considering I’m heading back to a germ-infested college campus!!


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