The Magical Fruit

10 Apr

Yes, we are talking about something quasi-embarrassing today.

You see, today started like every other day. I woke up, I ate breakfast, I took Laney for a walk, I went to work. The usual.

But since I still have this nice chest cold, real food still just didn’t sound very appetizing. So I decided to go with soup again, since the whole hot liquid thing really works wonders on my throat. And considering that yesterday I drank about 5 cups of tea/coffee in order to get that effect, I thought soup might be slightly less caffeinated.

So I went with this nice lentil couscous soup, thinking that it would be filling and delicious. And it was.

However, my stomach did not particularly agree. About an hour later, my stomach decided to start making SERIOUSLY loud digestive noises. Like embarrassingly loud. At one point I even said out loud “Geez, my stomach is just making crazy noises” to try and emphasize that it was my STOMACH that was making these sounds. Not other body parts.

I’m pretty sure that my office-mate did not believe me. How embarrassing.


So after my embarrassing lentil magical fruit filled day, I decided to head to yoga.

It was actually a really good yoga class! I was GOING to talk to you about this ridiculous firefly pose that we had to do that involved balancing on the side of your foot to open your hip. Except apparently my yoga teacher is a LIAR, because I cannot find this pose anywhere on google! I’m so disappointed!

Google says this is firefly pose:


Yea, that’s definitely NOT the pose we did. We’re not that intense.

Anyway, after the gym I headed home to take Laney for a walk. Except for some reason I was really missing cardio, so I decided to take her for a run. Since my foot has been bothering me since last week when I rolled it in class, I decided to take it easy and promised myself that I would stop if it started hurting badly again.

I did a slow 2 miles. It wasn’t anything to write home about, but Hey, I’ll take it! At least I did it with minimal foot pain! I definitely do need to get analyzed for some new shoes though. These old babies just ain’t cutting it anymore!


Dinner was one of those total not-on-the-list buys at the grocery store yesterday. Martins had these GIGANTIC parmesan panko crusted pork chops on super sale!

IMG_0374 I put a fork next to the place so you can see the reference size. This baby was $2.03! Seriously!

I grilled it on my george forman because I was WAY too lazy to wait for the oven. haha.


I paired it with some brown rice and some broc/cauliflower mix. Also, I will say that while this portion of pork chop looks pretty gigantic, it’s actually because I took the portion with the bone in it tonight.

I only point this out since I am working on watching my portion sizes!

The rest of my evening has been spent researching new running shoes (I’m thinking about Mizunos, but I just don’t know which ones! I really need to go get analyzed at one of those fancy running stores!) and being annoyed by this little one.


How can I say no to that face?


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