Guinea Pig Makeover

12 Apr

One thing that I LOVE about my job is that we have an extremely flexible schedule. Because we sometimes have to take evening appointments to fit with our families’ schedules, that also means that we get to flex out that time elsewhere. Since I’ve taken so many late appointments this pay period (1 last week and 2 this week), that meant I got to SLEEP IN this morning!

It was glorious. Laney even quasi-cuddled with me for 5 minutes. That is a miracle.

One of those late appointments was this evening, so I didn’t actually get back home until about 6:45. But instead of going to the gym, I headed to IHOP!

You read that right.

My BodyFlow teacher, Dawn, is actually a Mary Kay consultant by day, and invited me to an event that they were having tonight to help teach new consultants how to do makeovers. So basically, I got to be a little bit of a guinea pig. But considering I’ve had almost the exact same makeup routine for years, I was desperately in need of some new ideas.

So an hour and a half later, I came out with a new “day look”. Sorry for the crazy hair, I had just gotten back from walking Laney.


Considering that I didn’t actually get home and back from my walk with Laney until around 9:30, I was STARVING.

Luckily I randomly picked up these bad boys at the grocery store last week:



The only problem was that I had NO idea what to pair it with. I had some leftover rice in my fridge, so I ALMOST ended up with salsa and cheese rice on the side. Because you all know how much I love my salsa cheese rice.

But I refrained. For you all.

Instead I scanned my fridge and found a half container of mushrooms that really needed to be used before I went out of town this weekend. So I started brainstorming. I’ve had mushroom risotto before, which I loved, so I decided to use that as inspiration.

I sauted my mushrooms with a tsp of olive oil and a minced clove of garlic. I then threw in my leftover brown rice. I also tossed in about 1/4 cup of shredded parmesan cheese. Then I let it heat for a few minutes before mixing it well.


I paired my sausage and rice with a small side salad and orange juice.

Also, I’ve decided that it’s impossible to take a picture of a whole sausage and have it look appetizing. But I swear it was actually extremely good. It had a thin layer of mozzarella running through the middle, which was gooey and delicious.

But the rice really stole the show!

Now I’m off to pack for this weekend – AGAIN!


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