The stir-fry that wasnt

18 Apr

The one thing that stinks about taking a long weekend is having to go back to work. Even though it’s a short week, I’m pretty sure I tried every way in the book to convince myself out of going in today.

But like a good employee, I went. I know, I’m an overachiever.

Since I had zero time to cook last night, lunch ended up being a quicky salad (spring mix, tomatoes, orange bell pepper and italian dressing) and a PB&J. Pretty boring, but it got the job done.

I was also running low on coffee all day because our coffee machine has managed to break for the THIRD TIME in a month. Clearly it’s not the machine… it’s user error. I’m not sure what kind of coffee gremlin keeps messing up a fool proof machine, but apparently it’s happening.


After work I headed home for an hour to take Laney out (where she proceeded to get off her leash and run amuck in the neighborhood in the rain while I tried to catch her. Darn pup!). I then headed over to BodyCombat.

Now let me just say that other than the 5K I did this past weekend, I’ve been away from the gym for a full week. And BOY could I tell! BodyCombat kicked my tush! I was a hot, sweaty mess afterwards. It was pretty pathetic. But hey, at least I stuck it out. Nothing like getting back into the routine!



According to my planner, tonight’s dinner was supposed to be stir-fry. It even started off that way – with me sauteing some chicken and garlic, and then added some stir-fry mix veggies, spinach, and mixed peppers. But then I went to my fridge, and realized that I was almost out of soy sauce.


However, I did find this little gem hiding unopened in the back of my fridge. I had totally forgotten I’d purchased it!



That’s what I love about Trader Joes – all ingredients that I can actually pronounce!

So it went from an Asian stir-fry to more of an Indian chicken and veggie dish… thing. I don’t know what else to call it.


I paired it with some jasmine rice (because I WAS going to do Asian food) and called it a meal!


It actually turned out pretty well, all considering! Although the sauce was definitely lacking in true Indian spice. I don’t know about you, but I like my Indian food SPICY! But otherwise, I call this one a win!

3.2 for 32 Race Recap

I did want to recap the race that I did this past weekend because, well, it’s the first race I’ve done in a really long time!

Fullscreen capture 4182012 93940 PM

First of all, for anyone that isn’t familiar with the Virginia Tech campus – it’s HILLY! Which makes it really nice for fending off those Freshman 15, but definitely makes for a tough run. Especially when you don’t run on hills. Ever. Like me.

So yea… this one was a killer.

After a moment of silence and the release of 32 white (biodegradable) balloons, all the runners/walkers released our orange and maroon balloons and were off!


It was definitely slow moving at first because there were SO many people, but after about the first mile (and the first giant hill) the field spread out a lot. Chris and I did a lot of dodging and zig zagging at the beginning. I’m actually pretty amazed that I did completely bite it…

Even with all of the crazy hills, we both managed to run the whole thing. It was probably a total snail pace on the hills, but at least I didn’t stop, right? We got to run through a lot of Tech’s campus, including through the football stadium! Ahh, so many memories!

Finally as Chris and I were coming up to the last 0.2 miles or so, Chris decided that he wanted wanted to sprint to the end. I did as well, but my 5’3” legs definitely couldn’t keep up with his 6’1” legs… so he ended up beating me by about 30 seconds! Jerk!


Still, even with all the hills I ended up at 30:42, which I am pretty proud of. I know it’s not the fastest time ever, and I usually do run 5Ks under 30min, just the fact that we made it up all of those flippin’ hills definitely made this a success!


This race definitely has upped my motivation to run some more though. I’m such a competitive person by nature, so I LOVE the challenge of races. Even though I know I’m clearly not going to win – just being able to push myself to run farther or faster than I usually do is worth the challenge!


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