Roses and Lilies and Daisies, oh my!

22 Apr

Whoa, so I’ve been REALLY MIA recently. My apologies. This past week ended up being just a tad bit crazier than usual and I decided to focus on living (well, and sleeping) instead of blogging. But you know, that’s ok with me since this blog is really just a way to keep me on track. And living is all part of that journey.

Considering that this has been my first weekend HOME in about a month, it was surprisingly busy! Friday night included a bible study BBQ to say goodbye to some friends who are moving to New York in a few weeks. Saturday included an early morning spin class, a trip to try on my wedding dress (EEEE!!!), a TON of errands, and a birthday BBQ for one of my coworkers. Yea, not exactly the weekend of lazing around in my PJs clearing out my DVR that I had imagined. But at least I was able to spend some time with friends, which I don’t do much of here in Culpeper.

Today I got up fairly early (after totally sleeping through my alarm to get up for church. My bad!) to head BACK to Fredericksburg to meet with Westwood Florist to talk about wedding flowers! Now, I totally have a black thumb of death, so I know absolutely ZERO about flowers. Thankfully the nice florist was very open to explaining to me all of the different kinds of options in my color scheme (maroon and orange, duh) and that are in season. And of course in my price range. No rare special calla lilies for me!

The ones we ended up talking about were:

Asiatic lilies (source)

Black Bacarra Roses (source)

Orange Gerbera Daisies (source)

Orange Alstromeria as a filler (source)

Red/brown hypericum berries as filler (source)

So there you have it – my flower options! Thank goodness for the lady who helped me, because I guarantee you that I would have never been able to pick these out on my own. haha.

The bridesmaids will have mostly orange bouquets, although the flowers will be the same (just trade all the maroon flowers for their orange counterparts). So yea, I’m definitely excited! I’m still going to look around at a few more florists just to get prices, but I really like my options so far! 🙂


Enough about flowers, let’s talk about the good stuff!

So I actually decided to skip the gym today because I’m kind of waddling like I just rode a horse for the first time. Those of you who have ever ridden horses will totally understand what I’m saying.

On Thursday I went to bodypump and decided to up my squat weights, since I was feeling like such a wimp. After talking some with Chris about it, I decided that most likely, it was all in my head since my legs are really probably the strongest part of my body. So having a wimpy squat weight just made no sense. So I did what I usually do when I’m trying not to wimp out – I got competitive.  There was a new girl in our class who was using similar weights to me, so I used her as a competitor and decided that if she wasn’t going to wimp out, than neither was I. So I added 5 lbs on to my squats – which may not seem like a ton, but that first time it definitely is a doozy. But I made it all the way through without stopping once. Clearly all in my head.

Then I was walking all funny on Friday and pretty much whimpered every time I had to go up and down the steps at work.

Saturday I decided to get up for an early morning spin class. After the first two songs (a warm up and a sitting sprint), I was actually contemplating getting up and leaving because my legs were seriously DEAD. But again I went back to my competitive nature and kept telling myself “If you still feel this way after ONE more song, you can leave”. And then when I made it through that next one, I’d say the same thing. Then once I got halfway through, I decided I might as well stay if I’d made it that far!

The great part was that by the end of class, not only did I feel totally awesome for making it through, but my legs were thoroughly stretched out and didn’t hurt as bad. Win!

But I’m back to waddling today, so that’s what I get. haha. But it’s ok, it’s a good kind of waddle! I’m back to my regularly scheduled program at the gym tomorrow, so hopefully my legs can keep up!


Because I had a meeting with the florist at 11:30 and then had to run errands to Michaels, the mall, and Target after, I didn’t end up getting home to eat lunch until after two, so I was starving. So starving, in fact, that I managed to eat my entire lunch before I realized that I never took a picture of it. Fail.

But I did manage to snag a picture of the mini mint oreo blizzard that I ate in the car while tiding myself over.


I then headed over to Petsmart to have Laney’s nails trimmed (or get hurr nails did as I usually say). She was SUCH a good girl today and behaved herself the whole time. We even picked out some new toys! I’m such a sucker….

Dinner was kind of thrown together because I didn’t really plan ahead, but it actually ended up turning out ok.


A roasted pork tenderloin seasoned with Trader Joe’s Everyday seasoning, a salad with spring mix, tomatoes, carrots, orange bell pepper, and ranch dressing, and a piece of ghetto garlic bread (toasted whole wheat bread with butter and garlic salt).

All eaten while lazing on the couch cleaning out my DVR. At least I got a little relaxing done this weekend!


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