Hate love hate

24 Apr

So I’ve determined that I have a hate-love-hate relationship with the gym. You know, I dread going all day and scroll through every excuse I can think of as to why I shouldn’t go, I LOVE it when I’m there when all the friendly little endorphins are working their magic. Oh, and I hate it the next day when I basically can’t walk up the stairs.

Please tell me I’m not the only one like this.

But before we get to today’s gym activities, let’s talk food


Yogurt bowl healthy breakfast

I normally don’t post a picture of my breakfast, because 90% of the time I make the same thing. I tend to get on these phases  where I will literally eat the same thing every morning for at least a month. Then I randomly one day get sick of it, and start something else. But I was feeling inspired by my yogurt bowl this morning, and thought I’d share. It’s just vanilla chobani with strawberries and granola. And a side nanner. Nothing crazy.


Lunch was equally boring. Can you tell I’ve been feeling a little bit uninspired in the kitchen lately? I don’t really know why, I just feel like I haven’t really had the time to make something new and exciting. Maybe I need to work on that for next week.

Anyway, it was just a PB&J on whole wheat, along with a side salad. Except (EXCITING) I used salsa and plain greek yogurt instead of salad dressing. I know, I’m stepping out of the box people. And you know I love my salsa…


So as I talked about previously, my yoga teacher also happens to be a Mary Kay lady, and she invited me to another event this Thursday. And you know I’m all about free lessons on how to do smoky eyes, because goodness knows I don’t know how to do it myself.

However, this means that my usual Thursday Bodypump class was just not a possibility unless I wanted to go put on make up looking like a sweaty beast. Which, for the record, I don’t. So I decided to play switcheroo this week and went to bodypump today instead and I’ll go to Bodyflow on Thursday. I know, I’m tricky like that.

So to bodypump I went, and I have to say I was really not feeling it all day. I kept trying to convince myself out of going. Like how I needed to run a few errands. Or I could pick Laney up from daycare earlier. Or I wanted to see if there was anything good on sale at TJMaxx (yea, I was getting desperate). But the whiny teenage part of my brain did not win today, and I dragged my tush to bodypump.

And boy was I glad I did. We had a new instructor today and I LOVED her. She cracked jokes when we were all about to die, she jammed out to the music and encouraged us to do so too, and she actually seemed like she was feeling it too (I hate those overly peppy instructors who don’t even break a sweat while I’m over here looking like a swamp thing). Plus, I used my new squat weight and made it through again!  I’m on a roll!

Pretty sure I’m going to be cursing myself tomorrow though. Sigh.



Once I got home from picking up Laney, I threw some quinoa on the stove while I was cleaning up some things around the apartment. I always seem to make quinoa the same way… maybe this is something I need to explore. I see all these delicious recipes on blogs with quinoa. Maybe I need to be more adventurous.

Anyway, dinner was leftover pork tenderloin slices (topped with a worcestershire and brown sugar glaze), some quinoa, and some broc/cauliflower steamed mix.

Overall, this meal was kind of dull, I’m not going to lie. As I said, I’ve been feeling rather uninspired in the kitchen as of late. I need to find a way to spruce things up a little bit before I start eating PB&J and cheesy salsa rice every night.

Well now I’m off to spend the night working on a project. What is this project, you might ask? Well let me give you a little hint:


That’s right, I’m channeling my beloved Martha again tonight! Wish me luck!


Does anyone else have a hate-love-hate relationship with the gym?


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