Martha Moment

26 Apr

My day went from being painfully slow and dragged out during the morning and afternoon to being totally packed and busy all evening! Amazing how that seems to happen!

It’s been a pretty slow week for me at work (although I probably just jinxed myself with that comment), so it’s been nice to have a little bit of a breather. I’ve completely reorganized my desk, cleaned out some of my files, checked a bunch of less-important things off my to-do list. Pretty successful.

Lunch was some leftover fiesta quinoa over spring mix, with salsa, greek yogurt and half an avocado sliced on top. I DID actually have a picture of it for you, but some how my phone managed to do some major wonking (yes, that is totally a word. As in, “to make something wonky”) and the picture is all jacked up. Sad face. To be honest with you, it wasn’t the most appetizing looking meal – although it tasted amazing.


After work I had a MAJOR list of things to get done, but first on the agenda was the gym! I headed to Bodyflow, which ended up being a TINY class of 4 people. But that at least meant we weren’t all up in each other’s business during sun salutations. This instructor was very different than my usual instructor, more serious and “yogi” like if you get what I’m saying, but it still ended up being a good class.

However, I didn’t really break too much of a sweat during class and I was really just kind of itching for more afterwards. So I came up and took Laney for a 2 mile run. I even used my new running socks!

Athletic Socks

Athletic Socks

They have tight support bands around the ankle and under the arch, which I could definitely feel while running. Totally worth my splurge purchases at TJMaxx yesterday!

Also, it’s really awkward and difficult to try and get a good picture of your own foot. Try it.


Dinner ended up being kind of random, because I had to use up some leftovers before I go out of town this weekend. But then again, half the time my meals are really random, so I’m sure you all are used to it by now!

Pork tenderloin baked potato

The rest of the pork tenderloin, a baked potato with a little bit of colby jack cheese and greek yogurt, and a big pile of steamed green beans.

Pork tenderloin baked potato

Random, but delicious.

Martha Moment

So Chris’ mom’s (aka my future MIL) birthday is on Monday, so I decided to channel my inner Martha Stewart for some of her gifts. I am also getting her an ACTUAL gift as well, but these are way more exciting. I like to pretend like I do homemade gifts because I’m creative and stuff, but really, it’s just because I’m cheap 🙂

The first gift is one that I talked about a few weeks ago – Homemade Vanilla Extract. Well it’s now been sitting for almost a month, and I gave it a pretty label and twine to make it look more rustic and fancy.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Chris’ mom is also really in to bread and olive oil at dinner, as well as entertaining, but the current olive oil dishes she has don’t really match her everyday plates. So I decided to make some that were fun (and Virginia Tech themed, of course), and some that were pretty and matched her everyday china.

Porcelain painting

I used Pebeo 150 Porcelain paint pens for most of it (except the maroon, which is just Pebeo 150 paint). I took some ideas from the internet for patterns, but I was kind of going for more of a anthropologie kind of style with the fancy ones. Here are some close ups:

Porcelain painting

Porcelain painting

Porcelain painting

Now I need to go pack for this weekend, since it’s already after 11pm! I blame Martha for making me lose track of time!


Do you consider yourself a crafty person?


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