Wicked Bottom

5 May

So… sorry I completely bailed yesterday! It was actually not intentional at all. I originally had plans to come home after work, relax and catch up on my Tivo, and go to bed at a decent hour. Sounds nice, right?

Except at 3pm my coworkers twisted my arm in to coming out to hang out with them tonight in Luray – which is about an hour from Culpeper. They are hard to say no to (especially since I don’t get a chance to go out and socialize much in Culpeper), so I agreed and we headed over the mountain to Luray.

After hanging out for a little while, we eventually headed over to a local mexican restaurant where I ate WAY too many tortilla chips. Those things are like sprinkled with crack or something, I swear… We’re sitting there, minding our own business, when my coworker gets a text asking if we want to go 4-wheeling. Well of course, 4-wheeling is on my “country bucket list” – so off we went until 10pm, riding 4-wheelers in the dark through the mud.

Sadly, the only picture I have to document is the one I took of my feet when we got home. Gross.


Needless-to-say, I did NOT go to bed at a decent hour. Which was kind of problematic considering I had a 6:30am alarm set…


Somehow I DID manage to crawl my way out of bed this morning, because I had a race to run! The Wicked Bottom 5K sponsored by Old House Vineyards.

I fueled for the race with a SMALL cup of tea (because goodness knows I cant function on zero caffeine) and a piece of whole wheat toast and peanut butter.


The vineyard itself was gorgeous, which definitely made the race a little more fun. Plus it was nice and overcast and there was a slight breeze at the beginning – but then it just turned muggy towards the end.



The course was pretty flat overall, except for a few small little hills. The worst was the slight incline that led up the driveway of the vineyard to the finish line. While it really doesn’t seem like a hill at all, I was so dead by the end (and those enchiladas were threatening to make another appearance) that it seemed like the longest hill of my LIFE.


Despite the hill and the muggy weather, I still managed to PR this race! I actually had to listen for the guy announce the time of the runner behind me, just to make sure that I got it right – 27:49! I definitely didn’t pace myself the way I should have and ran the first mile WAY too fast, but I was really impressed with my time, especially after all that mexican food! haha


I ate a MUCH needed banana and stretched out with some yoga afterwards. I even got a short calf massage which felt AMAZING. My calves were SOOO tight today for some reason!

I also ran into a bunch of people from my gym! Maybe I AM actually making some friends in Culpeper!


I stuck around for the awards just to support my gym friends (one girl ran it in 22min!) When the winners were announced for my category, I realized that I actually placed 4th (even though only 1-3 were announced), because I came in just behind the 3rd place finisher for my age group! Although I was bummed because if I had been in the 25-30 age group (I mean, I’m only 4 months away) I would have placed 2nd, since the 1st place finisher and I crossed the finish line a few steps apart. Bummer!

After the race I headed into town for the Culpeper Day street festival! There were probably over 150 vendors there selling food, products, jewelry, dental care (no joke)… it was pretty busy!




I wandered around for about 2 hours sampling stuff before I ended up getting a small strawberry-banana smoothie. It was a little sweltering by noon, so something cold sounded incredibly delicious. I was so thirsty that I forgot to snap a picture until I was halfway through!


I headed home from there to take Laney out, and spent the rest of the afternoon snacking instead of actually eating lunch. I had a half of a PB&J… some cocoa roasted almonds… a few cheese slices…some hummus. I just couldn’t decide what I wanted.

Then I spent the rest of the evening watching The Kentucky Derby!



Laney loves horses too, apparently. She was very intrigued!

Well I’m off to go snack on some leftovers and FINALLY catch up on my Tivo! Have a good Saturday night everyone!


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