Sunday Lovin’

6 May

Compared to the rest of my weekend, today has actually been extremely chill. Given that my calves are still really sore from the run yesterday, I decided to take a day off from the gym and just spend the day walking instead.

My original plan was to go to lunch and then go bridesmaid dress shopping with 2 of my bridesmaids who live nearby. Sadly, my sister just came down with food poisoning last night, and my best friend just had her car broken in to (got to love sketchy DC!), and now has no transportation. So clearly plans needed to change a little.

SO, instead I headed up to my friend’s house after church and we hung around and chatted for a few hours (she has the BEST Stella & Dot jewelry collection and I totally want to hire her to style me, since I fail miserably at it!). We did head out to look at one dress store, just to get some ideas – but I’m seriously having ZERO luck finding maroon dresses. Who knew that this would be so difficult!?! It’s not like I’m asking for something crazy – just anything in maroon!

She had to head into the city for class in the afternoon, so I headed home and Laney and I went on a nice long walk to stretch out my calves (and to attempt to get some of Laney’s energy out… didn’t work).

Dinner consisted of leftovers (as per usual) since I still have half the enchiladas left.



I paired it with my current favorite salad combo – spring mix, goat cheese, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and cranberry balsamic vinagrette.


5 Things I’m Lovin’

Since I didn’t really have anything exciting to report today (other than leftovers… woo!), I thought I’d share with you 5 random things that I’m totally loving right now.

1. “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me” Podcast


Julie got me hooked on this one after she recommended it once, and it’s absolutely hilarious. I usually take my iPod with me when I walk Laney, and I seriously find myself taking an extra loop around the block because I want to finish the ridiculous questions that they ask! It’s a great mix of comedy and actual news stories – and I definitely recommend you check it out on iTunes.

2. My new hair straightener


I swear I’m not a vain person by nature, but I’m seriously in love with my new straightener. I was kind of panicked when my old one died, because I pretty much straighten my hair every day. I have awkward hair that can’t decide whether it wants to be straight or slightly wavy at the ends, and it’s so thin that you put a ponytail holder in it for 5 minutes and you’re stuck with a nice wave the rest of the day. So after standing in Walmart for like 15 minutes googling the best straighteners on my smartphone… I came up with this baby, which I love. Small enough that it’s easy to travel with, but it definitely gets the job done quick!

3. Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Ok, before you judge me, just listen to it. And then wait 5 minutes. TELL me that this song is not still stuck in your head. Seriously. I have been listening to this song on repeat at the gym, and it definitely contributed to my 5K time yesterday, because I was totally jamming out.

And yes, I realize that she was found by the Biebs and that I’m totally a 14 year old girl. Whatevs.

4. Pinterest

So I know that pinterest is old news, but I’ve totally gone on a pinning spree lately of all these awesome things for my future home (when I become a billionaire, obviously), and cute clothes that I totally could never afford (or pull off), and all sorts of other awesome things. Seriously, it’s becoming an addition. But if you are not on it already, get on their ASAP, slowpoke. It’s amazing.

5. The world’s most adorable awkward dog


Seriously… who sleeps like that?


Well I hope you enjoyed the things that I’m lovin’ currently!

What things are you lovin’ right now?

…Call me, maybe? You know it’s still in your head too!


3 Responses to “Sunday Lovin’”

  1. Chelsea Eats Treats May 7, 2012 at 8:13 am #

    I really need to download that podcast! I remember when Julie first downloaded it and said it was great, but I usually listen to the Kane Show on Hot 99.5 (do you get that station near you?) when I run in the morning. However I am getting into a bit of a rut so I might just go download it tonight.

    Oh, and of course Call Me Maybe is fantastic.

    • MyFreckledLife May 7, 2012 at 8:16 am #

      Sadly no, we dont get 99.5 down here (we get like ZERO radio stations in fact!), but I grew up in NoVA so I used to LOVE the Kane Show! And I’m glad someone else appreciates Call me, Maybe! haha


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    […] And I think we might have found the one, which is really exciting (especially since it has been a SAGA!) I need to get my sister to try it on to be sure, but then I will let you all […]

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