WIAW: Use your imagination

23 May

I can honestly say that today has been a total success – which is really reassuring after yesterday’s total fail!

While getting up early this morning was definitely not easy (and I may or may not have hit my snooze button twice…whoops), but I still was able to get up and out of bed with enough time to get in a quick but brutal BodyRock workout. This one was really cardio heavy, so I could barely catch my breath by the end thanks to the super short breaks in between exercises!

I then had enough time to take Laney for a nice walk, make breakfast, check facebook (priorities, obviously!), and watch an episode of Boy Meets World before I had to head to work. I forgot how much I love that show, especially the early years!

So yea for a successful morning! They say that it takes 21 days to make a habit, so that’s what I’m trying to continually remind myself. As much as it sucks to get up early, if I can keep it up for the next few weeks, it should HOPEFULLY become easier. 3 down, 18 days to go!


Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite hump day special: What I Ate Wednesday! For those of you who are not familiar with this awesome blog phenomena, please check out the explanation from the lovely creator of WIAW herself, Jenn from Peas & Crayons.




Breakfast: Oatmeal made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, with the last of my strawberries, triple berry natural jelly, natural peanut butter, and cinnamon. YUM! I’ve been loving this combo lately!


Lunch: Ok, obviously this was not really my lunch, considering it’s a repeat pic from Monday. But I had a late morning meeting, so I didn’t get back to the office to eat lunch until 1:30, and I was seriously ready to eat my own arm. So I scarfed food without even pausing to think about taking a picture. But this is what lunch was, leftover Italian chicken pasta, just in an ugly tupperware container.  I’m sure you can use your imagination


Snack: A 3pm cup of tea and a handful of pretzels. Plus another handful like 15 minutes later.


Pre-workout snack: I only had about 30 minutes to run home and walk Laney before I had to head to the gym for BodyCombat class. So I scarfed a piece of toast with peanut butter. Clearly I was in a rush, because right as I was putting the last bite to my mouth, I remembered to take a picture. So add the rest of the toast… Use your imagination!


Dinner: Leftover Indian chicken and potato masala from yesterday, paired with some roasted broccoli. The broc stole the show on this one!


Dessert: Two delicious pieces of white chocolate. I’m slowly working my way through my stash in the freezer!

There you have it – My Wednesday eats! Even if it took a little imagination!


As I mentioned, I headed to BodyCombat. And BOY was I feeling that upped chest weight from BodyPump yesterday! My arms and shoulders were on FI-YAH! I was almost not sure that I was going to make it, it was that bad! But I love my instructor, and she totally kept pushing me to keep going. Phew, I’m pooped though! Tomorrow’s BodyPump is going to be interesting for sure!

Well that’s all today! I’m off to keep reading Still Missing for Julie’s book club. And then probably sleep with the lights on…

So tell me: What did you eat today?


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