Riding the Waves

24 May

So I’m not going lie, I didn’t get up to work out this morning. But today it was by choice. I woke up this morning with a huge crick in my neck – I must have slept in a very weird position. I also had a splitting headache. So as important as I know it is to try and get into a consistent pattern… I decided that it was worth it to get in some extra sleep and stretch out my neck.

Surprisingly, I’m not feeling guilty about it. I know it was the right decision this morning.

But that just means that tomorrow I’m going to have to work even harder to get up early!

So today ended up being a really long day at work. One of my coworkers just announced earlier this week that she is moving, so this whole week has been a little hectic trying to rearrange her caseload and get everything in order before we can start hiring someone new.

By the end of the day, my eye started feeling funky. Like goopy funky. Like pink eye funky. I swear, I love my job and I LOVE working with kids – but I do NOT like all the germs!


I decided to skip my usual BodyPump class today in order to go home and trade my contacts for my librarian glasses.


Oh the joys of being blind…

I decided to at least get some workout in today, and took Laney on a speedy 2 mile run. It really only ended up being speedy because about 5 minutes in, it started sprinkling. I was so afraid that the sky was going to open up on me that I booked it the rest of the way.

Luckily, my outdoor runs recently have really been awesome – thanks in a big part to these guys!


That’s right – I bought new shoes! They are snazzy looking Mizuno Wave Rider 15s.

I actually bought them last Friday, but I’ve been holding out saying anything about them until I could break them in and actually see how they do. And now that I’ve been running in them for a week, I can honestly say I LOVE them.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 15 website says this about them: The Wave Rider has served as the pinnacle of the Mizuno footwear line and put our patented Wave® Technology on the map. By combining the best qualities of every Wave Rider that came before it, Mizuno has created its masterpiece with the Wave Rider 15. While the pendulum in running may swing from one extreme to another, the genius of the Wave Rider 15 is found through its harmonious balance of a lightweight feel, wrapped-to-foot fit and exquisitely smooth ride, ultimately producing a brilliant running experience.

I spent about an hour in the VA Runners store trying out a bunch of different shoes, talking to the sales associate about my running goals, and discussing different types of shoes styles, gaits, and shoe technologies. It was the first time I’ve ever been to an actual running store, and it really was a cool experience. There was so much I didn’t know about my own running style!

I chose the Wave Riders, and I’m SO happy that I did, because I can definitely tell a difference in my run. I had definitely put too many miles on my old shoes, and I could feel it in my heels and my knees after every run. But the Wave Riders are so springy and light, I feel like even when I’m tired and my legs don’t want to move anymore, they give me a little extra oomph.

Plus they are snazzy!


Awkward shoe shot!


I wanted to keep dinner a little lighter, since I not only ate a big lunch, but I didn’t get in my usual gym time today.


Turkey burger with sharp cheddar, roasted broccoli, and some leftover spanish rice. A little random, but when are my meals NOT random?

Now I’m off to watch the season premier with So You Think You Can Dance! I love this show!!

Are there any other SYTYCD fans out there?


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