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Weekend of food and lightning!

30 Jun

This weekend has just been insane so far, and it’s only Saturday! I have so much that I could say, but I’ll try to be nice and spare you all pages and pages of my ramblings! So be prepared for lots of pictures! Especially pictures of food… I seem to be getting really good at remembering to take pictures of my meals! haha.

I’m sorry I was totally MIA on Thursday night! Immediately after work I headed back up to Stafford (for the third time this week – I could do this drive in my sleep!) to celebrate Chris’ sister’s 19th birthday! But first I picked up some Starbucks iced coffee on the way… because caffeine was definitely necessary.


Kaitlyn picked Hibachi for her birthday dinner, so we headed to Kobe in Stafford with the whole gang. As usual, we started out with ginger salads.


Followed by some seasame hibachi chicken, veggies and fried rice. I basically took 3/4 of everything home because I swear they give you enough food to feed a whole family!


The birthday girl even got to do some hibachi chef tricks and “flip” an egg. Which was a little frightening, I must admit! I was worried we were all going to get egg in our hair! But she did a pretty good job for no training. Only minor egg splashes!


The rest of the evening was spent opening presents and eating Chris’ mom’s homemade german cake with vanilla froyo. Yum!


By the time I got home, it was already after 11:30pm, and blogging was just not happening. Sorry guys, but sleep was way more important! Especially because I had to leave Laney with Chris overnight and my apartment was so lonely!


After a long day of work Friday (the phrase “TGIF”  was never so true), I headed up to Stafford AGAIN. For those counting, that’s trip to Stafford #4 this week! Chris and I met up for dinner at a new restaurant, Marlin and Rays.

They started us off with these AMAZING cheddar and jalepeno cornbread biscuits. These little guys had a huge jalepeno punch! We also got an all-you-can-eat salad with honey mustard dressing on the side.



For my entrée, I got blackened mahi-mahi with mango salsa with a side of green beans. The mahi-mahi was cooked PERFECTLY – it was so flaky! Delicious!


The company wasn’t bad either.


From there we ran a few errands around town before heading back home for a "relaxing evening” watching TV. Or that was the plan. At about 10:30, the lights in his house started flickering, before going out completely. When we looked outside, the wind was blowing so hard we were afraid some trees were going to fall on the house! The sky looked like it was constantly lightning. We also lost all cell phone service! It was scary!

Obviously no post was going to happen (since I couldn’t get online or even on my phone), so we decided to call it an early night!


Despite the crazy night, we had to be up super early this morning to get ready for a photoshoot! Chris has a good friend from high school who is starting up a photography business, and she asked us to be models for the day to do a mock engagement session to include in her portfolio. Of course we said yes – it was free photos for us!

Driving through Chris’ neighborhood, it was clear that the storm had done a lot of damage. There were trees down everywhere (including some on houses and cars), no traffic lights, and we still had no cell phone signal. We just looked it up, and they are saying that there are still over a million people without power.

Unfortunately I have no idea whether I have power at my apartment in Culpeper.

Anyway, even with no power and in 100+ degree whether, we walked around Fredericksburg and the local area taking pictures for nearly 2 hours! I promise, I’ll show you guys some of the pictures once we get them back!

From there we headed to grab lunch, but had to drive around for awhile to even find a place that had power! We eventually found a restaurants, grabbed a quick lunch, and headed back up to Stafford to take a look at some cars (Chris is in the market for a new car, so we’re comparing all sorts of options right now). But not without a stop to Rita’s first… the weather demanded it.



Banana and non-fat vanilla custard gelati. Tasted just like a banana crème pie. AWESOME.

Now I’m off to spend the rest of the afternoon in the air conditioning relaxing with Chris and watching some Olympic trials. I’m kind of obsessed with the Olympics, so I am super excited that everything is starting!

I hope you all have a great Saturday!

So tell me: What are your plans for this weekend??


WIAW: Country Edition

27 Jun


This is what I got to deal with today while driving between appointments. This thing was driving in the middle of the road for more than 10 MILES going less than 15 mph. In a 55. Yea… needless-to-say, I was a little late to my meeting. Darn country!

And yes, I took this picture as I was driving. I don’t recommend this. Do as I say, not as I do people!

Before I get into today’s eats, I just wanted to thank you all for your amazing and uplifting comments on yesterday’s post about being overwhelmed. It’s so great to hear and feel like I’m not alone in my insane stress and struggles right now. You are all wonderful, and I really appreciate it!

So that being said, now on to today’s eats! Why? Because it’s What I Ate Wednesday, of course!

In case you’re not familiar with What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW), please check out Jenn of Peas & Crayon’s explanation, which does this phenomenon so much more justice than I ever could!


Breakfast: Leftover banana kodiak cakes from yesterday topped with maple syrup, paired with half an english muffin with PB (since the pancakes themselves really didn’t hold me over until lunch yesterday). Plus some pineapple on the side and a big mug of tea.


Lunch: I wasn’t really feeling too inspired with lunch this morning, so I decided to go for a classic that I haven’t had in awhile – Tuna (mixed with a little miracle whip and ground mustard) and spring mix on wheat. With cherries on the side. I LOVE summer cherries!


Sensible Snack: I had to run home to let Laney out this afternoon because of some late appointments, so I grabbed a piece of cheese and a banana while I was home. Some fat, some protein, and some fruit – not too bad for a quicky snack! (Sorry for the crappy photo – whoops!)


Dinner: After work I headed up to Stafford because Chris and I had a meeting with a financial counselor to discuss exciting things like retirement funds and investments. I know, we’re exciting people. Really we just like saving money, and are looking for our best long term options. We didn’t get out until nearly 7:45, so we headed over to his mom’s house for a late dinner. Pasta with shrimp, tomatoes and feta, with some sauted veggies. So delicious! I even went back for seconds on the shrimp mix!


So there you have it – what I ate today!

Because of today’s crazy schedule, I really didn’t have time to get a workout in, which I’m kind of bummed about. But considering that I spent like an hour last night spending WAY too much money buying some bikinis for the honeymoon (darn Victoria’s Secret sales!!!), I definitely have more motivation now. Yikes!

I also wanted to leave you with this adorable picture from last weekend when Chris and I were driving home from Blacksburg. Normally Laney likes to run back and forth in the back seat sticking her head out the windows. But apparently she wore herself out and when I turned around to check on her, this is what I saw:


One pooped puppy!

So tell me: What did you eat today?


26 Jun

Warning: Deep post ahead!

But first, the fun stuff!

I FINALLY was able to get up early this morning. This whole morning workout thing has been a serious struggle lately. But I managed it this morning and I am really happy I did! Laney and I ran a speedy 2 miles while it was still nice and cool outside. It’s supposed to get up to 101 this weekend, so I’ll enjoy the cool mornings while I can.

Breakfast was some banana kodiak cakes with syrup. I have to admit, I kind of fail as a pancake maker. Clearly I need more practice. A few pancakes may have been harmed burned in the making of this breakfast…


After work I headed to the gym for BodyPump class. The regular instructor is out on vacation so we had a new-to-me instructor who pulled out some OLD tracks. It was so nice to really switch it up. And the style/moves of some of the old tracks are very different than the new ones (especially the tricep and lunge tracks!), so I definitely was feeling it. But the class flew by!

From there I headed to the grocery store because I seriously did not have a single veggie left in my fridge. It was sad. I ate PB&J for lunch.


Kind of a random spread today. In sort of order: Bananas, 2 flavors greek yogurt, block of sharp cheddar, laughing cow queso fresco & chipotle (for a recipe coming up), 4 kinds of whole wheat pasta, cherries, orange bell pepper, green beans, reduced fat cheddar cheese, Triscuits thin chips, spring mix, cherry tomatoes, an onion, a sweet potato, whole wheat bread and whole wheat tortillas. Phew! We’ll check in on my grocery budget later this week… I think this may have put me over!

Once I got home, Laney and I went for another 2 mile run because I had a frustrating day and running sounded good. This run was much hotter and Laney was definitely dragging. But she then came home and actually passed out for like an hour, so I call that a win.


Dinner was broiled salmon marinated in some TJs soyaki sauce (with a slice of pineapple on the side), leftover couscous, and some roasted green beans. Simple and delicious!


Ok, now on to the deep stuff. Feel free to skip if you’re not in a thoughtful mood.

I’m not going to lie to you guys. Lately, I’ve just been getting really overwhelmed with life. And it’s been putting a real damper on my motivation and my spirit.

Work has just been really stressful in the past month or so. I know that I am extremely lucky to even HAVE a job in this economy (and there are some people who graduated from my masters program almost a year ago who still have not found jobs), so I really don’t have a right to complain. But we are understaffed by 2 positions currently, and another coworker is about to leave in August.  You can practically FEEL the tension when you walk in to the office, because everyone is on the verge of a breakdown at any second. It’s not really conducive to a happy working environment at the moment, and at the end of the day I come home stressed.

And I tend to be one of those people who can’t compartmentalize stress. So that work stress has started carrying over and causing panic. How am I ever going to get all of this stuff done for the wedding? There are still 100 things I need to do in 4 months! Are we going to be ready? How in the world am I going to be bikini ready in 4 months for our honeymoon when I’m struggling to find time for the gym? It is all kind of overwhelming.

Truth? I’ve kind of wallowed in this stress for the last few days. Hormones may have contributed a little bit to that, but I’ve kind of just curled into a ball in fear instead of trying to find a way to manage it all. Even Chris has been trying to convince me to take a mental health day from work (“but I cant, I’ve got too many kids to seeeeeeee”), just to take some stress away.

But I’m trying to get a better handle on it. Make some lists. Get things organized. Get back on track. And most importantly – work on thinking positively. Because just like I can’t compartmentalize stress, positivity seems to work it’s way through everything too. So I need to focus on that.

I know that this was kind of random, but I just felt like I needed to be honest about things. I try to keep things positive on this little span of internet, but I could feel it starting to seep in a little, so I thought it better to be up front about it.

So my goals for the rest of this week are:

1. Make a list of the wedding stuff that needs to get done still and break it down based upon priority. Then try to work on one thing a day.

2. Sit down and look at my workout plan to figure out how I can make it more effective and time efficient.


So tell me: Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life? If so, what do you do to get through it?