That’s how I roll

24 Jun

As per usual, this one one CRAZY weekend. But at least this weekend was a lotmore relaxing than some of my last few weekends!

I will try to keep this recap short, because I have LOTS of pictures to show you!


Chris came over after work on Friday night for “girl’s night” with my coworkers. He likes to say that he got to be the awkward fifth wheel. But really my coworkers just wanted to meet him, since I’ve been working at my job for over a year and almost no one has met my fiance. haha. Whoops!

I actually didn’t get any pictures, but the night was full of crappy Mexican food (the kind that you hate that you love so much…), shopping with a 5 year old, and late night ice cream. The usual girls night ingredients.

And Chris was a trooper through the whole thing. Yup, he’s a keeper!


Chris and I were up early Saturday morning to head down to Blacksburg for the weekend. We started off our day with a new-to-me product that I’ve seen ALL over the blogs lately – Kodiak Cakes! I picked some up last week thanks to a coupon.


We mixed in some blueberries and topped them with syrup. Holy cow were these suckers delicious. And filling!

After 3 hours on the road, we were in Blacksburg! We made a pit stop at the dog park to let Laney run around for awhile, and then met up with some friends for a massive sushi lunch. It was epic. And of course, I forgot to take a picture until we were like 90% done… whoops!

We were lucky enough to be in Blacksburg for the Summer Solstice Festival this weekend. That’s one thing I LOVE about small towns – lots of street fairs!




Even Laney enjoyed it!

Afterwards we took some time walking around Tech’s campus – which is probably both Chris’ and my favorite place on the planet. We even got to play around with his new DSLR. He took pictures of lots of buildings and landscapes, and 95% of my pictures were of him or Laney. Yup, that’s just how I roll.

Check out some of my favs from the day!




After doing some campus wandering and then heading to a friend’s place to let Laney take a nap, we headed out to dinner at a local restaurant, Cabo Fish Taco, with my good friend Sara, her boyfriend Jon, and their friend.


Hi Sara! Reppin’ VT like always, that’s how we roll!

After downing like 3 baskets of chips and their awesome corn salsa, I ended up getting the buffalo shrimp tacos with a side of jalepeno-cheddar “mashers”. And boy were both of these bad boys SPICY! I love it!


The rest of the evening was spent in downtown Blacksburg celebrating the birthday of one of Chris’ groomsmen. Let’s just say there was lots of drinking, lots of inappropriate comments, and I am yet again reminded why I was never super in to the bar scene in college! haha. But I enjoyed my fruity drink and being sober enough to laugh at everyone else. That’s how I roll!


Sunday was much more chill that Saturday. We slept in a bit and headed out to brunch at a local vegetarian restaurant called Gillie’s. I didn’t think to get a picture, but I ended up with the “Gillie’s special”, which was seasoned potatoes, 2 scrambled eggs, salsa, and cheese, with a biscuit on the side. Basically everything wonderful about breakfast, covered in salsa. Because covering everything in salsa is also how I roll.

From there we headed out (and grabbed a Cookout milkshake on the way… because you can’t beat Cookout milkshakes) and made the trek back to Culpeper.

I have to admit, I am glad to be home. I’ve spent most of the evening on my couch catching up on the massive amount of blogs that I have neglected this past week while work has been insane. I hate when that happens! Darn work!

I did take a short break, however, to finish up my craft project which I teased you guys with last week. Here is the final product:



Her birthday is coming up this weekend, so I hope she likes it!

Thank you all for the sweet comments about it last week! I am by no means an artist, but it is always nice to get a boost of confidence! Thank you all!

Well I hope you all had as fun and relaxing of a weekend as I did!

So tell me: What did you do this weekend?


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