Baseball and Ziplines and Bootcamp, oh my!

22 Jul

Yea, so much for having more chill, relaxing weekends. This weekend was JAM PACKED!! Given, everything was a ton of fun and definitely de-stressing, but still. Phew! No time to relax!


The weekend started with me heading up to Stafford to meet up with Chris and Laney, because I haven’t seen my puppy in a week and I missed her! Ok, maybe I missed Chris too. But let’s be real here… mostly I missed Laney. ;-P

After a quick pit stop to Michael’s for some wedding craft projects, because little country Culpeper doesn’t have  a craft store of any kind, Chris and I headed home to throw together a totally random dinner. Since he had some low-fat alfredo sauce that needed to be used up, we kind of improvised with the ingredients in his fridge and came up with a pretty awesome meal! Kind of a take on Chicken Alfredo.


We mixed some alfredo sauce, steamed broccoli and angel hair pasta, and then topped it with some pan fried lightly breaded chicken. It actually turned out pretty awesome for something that we completely made up as we went along!

We then spent the rest of the evening watching Glee on Netflix. Don’t judge us.


I actually haven’t mentioned this on the blog yet, but Chris and I are actually in the process of buying a house. Yikes! As if we don’t have enough stress with the wedding and everything already, right? Yea, we decided to try and throw in home ownership before the wedding too. We’re gluttons for stress apparently.

So Saturday morning we were up early to meet with our realtor to discuss the process and some home options. We’re hoping to actually start looking next weekend! Things are moving so quickly, it’s kind of crazy!

After battling like an hour of insane traffic and a stop for sushi and chinese food, we finally made it home. Just in time to turn around and leave again. Why? Because we had big exciting plans for the evening!


Nationals vs. Braves baseball!! (That’s Chipper Jones batting, for any of you Braves fans out there)

You see, Chris is originally from Georgia and is a HUGE Atlanta Braves fan. I, on the other hand, being from the DC area am a Nationals fan. So this game really couldn’t have been better planned. Chris’ step-sister Brittany and her boyfriend (also a Braves fan) came along too. It was fun to have this little rivalry going the whole time. Especially since the Nationals won. Boo-yah!


We did have to deal with misting/drizzly rain the whole time, but it was kind of worth it. Best part? They let us bring our Quiznos sandwiches into the game, so we didn’t even have to pay ridiculous amounts for crappy stadium food. Win!


We had PLANS to sleep in on Sunday morning, but since Laney has gotten used to waking up with Chris around 4:30am, she decided at about 5 that we were seriously boring people and that there were a lot of fun things in the room to chew on. The sound of her crunching on random objects woke us up quickly. I still tried to go back to sleep for another 2 hours or so… but it’s just not the same once you wake up the first time.

Sunday also included some big plans. We dropped Laney off in Culpeper, and then headed to Rockville, Maryland to the Go Ape! Treetop Adventure with Chris’ family and some family friends. 


What the heck is that, you ask? It’s an awesome low/high ropes course place that includes ziplines, obstacles, “Tarzan jumps” and other high ropes traversing activities. Basically? It was awesome.


Ok, minus the awkward harnesses. Those were seriously less awesome.

For the next 3 hours or so, we climbed, swung, jumped, clung, and wobbled our way over obstacles between 35-45 feet in the air. With a few ziplines in the middle.



By the end, we were all seriously exhausted. It was quite the workout for an off day! With all the climbing, my arms are definitely going to be feeling it tomorrow. Not to mention all of the stabilizing muscles in my body… Oouch, I can feel those already!

I would definitely recommend something like this for those who are not afraid of heights (or are brave enough/willing to conquer those fears), because it was SO MUCH FUN! I actually, for some strange reason, have absolutely zero fear of heights, so it didn’t bother me in the slightest. In fact, I had fun freaking some of Chris’ family out by walking across things without holding on, or purposefully wobbling on some of the more unstable platforms. I mean, you’re hooked in – you’re not going anywhere. Plus, it’s fun to make them squirm!

And just because I am feeling brave – here is a lovely video of me on the final zipline. As you can see, I was desperately trying NOT to come in backwards as it makes stopping much harder… but to no avail. So enjoy my ridiculous flailing!

From there we headed to Chris’ family friends house for tacos and ice cream. It was a great way to end the evening.

Now it’s nearly midnight and I am totally exhausted! BUT, I have one more exciting thing to share with you all. If anyone is still listening that is… this is kind of a long post. Sorry about that!

That’s right – tomorrow starts the first day of Best Body Bootcamp with Tina from Best Body Fitness. I have been reading Tina’s blog for AGES, and I am really excited to finally get to participate in one of her Bootcamps!

I feel like I’ve been in such a workout rut lately, especially since my work schedule and wedding planning have taken over my life – so I’m really hoping that this can help me break through that rut and get excited about working out again! Especially since I’ve become a LITTLE too reliant on handy gym classes… this will make me actually explore the weight room or working out at home again.

As I’m going through it I will definitely give updates as to how it’s going, how I’m feeling, and my honest opinions of the workouts, and I would encourage you all to check it out for yourselves as well.

Day 1 starts tomorrow and I’m both excited and nervous for it! Breaking out of my usual is scary! But I know that it’ll be worth it.

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? Are any of your doing the Best Body Bootcamp also?


9 Responses to “Baseball and Ziplines and Bootcamp, oh my!”

  1. nexu7 July 23, 2012 at 7:30 am #

    It looks like you had a really fun weekend, I love zip lining, I did it when I went to Mexico last year. I’ve never done the tree top version, now I really want to find somewhere to do it! lol
    I’ve never done a bootcamp program before, I checked out the one you signed up for, it looks really interesting. I also read a little bit about the blogger, and I really like her stuff on binge eating, as I currently still have struggles with it. She seems like a really well spoken woman and her program looks like a lot of fun. I won’t be signing up for it, as it is too late to and that I am strapped for cash at the moment :S. I hope it goes well for you, definitely keep blogging about your progress :). Though from your pictures you are looking pretty fit these days, keep it up!! You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far.

    • MyFreckledLife July 23, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

      Ziplining was so fun! Chris and I are now thinking about going on our honeymoon too!

      And Tina is great. If you’re not already reading her blog, I’d definitely recommend it. She’s awesome. And thank you so much!! I really appreciate it!

  2. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake July 23, 2012 at 9:53 am #

    The zip lining looks so fun! I’ve always wanted to do that!

    • MyFreckledLife July 23, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

      It was seriously so cool! I’d definitely recommend if it you ever get the opportunity!

  3. Chelsea Eats Treats July 23, 2012 at 4:03 pm #

    Looks like a fun weekend! It’s amazing that I grew up within 15 minutes of Rockville and never heard of that ropes course place. I have done courses like that a few times before though and they are so fun!! I’ll have to try that one 🙂

    Also good luck on house hunting! One of my guilty pleasures is watching HGTV for their shows on buying houses. They could be helpful in helping you know what to look out for!

    • MyFreckledLife July 23, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

      Haha you should go check it out! It’s in the Rock Creek park (or something like that…) And thanks!! I LOVE HGTV! That’s usually what’s on if I’m not watching Food Network. haha. I want the Color Splash guy to come to my house!

  4. Minerva July 24, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

    What an awesome weekend! True Story:The owners of that course are my parents’ next door neighbors! Small world!


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