23 Jul

After yesterday’s insane weekend post, I’m sad to say that today really didn’t compare in excitement to my weekend.

In fact, it was pretty Monday-licious. Monday-tastic? Monday-esque? You know what I mean.

It was a Monday.

I try not to complain TOO much about work on here, because I’m sure we all have some kind of work drama in our lives, but work has definitely been really stressing me out lately. In like a burn-out kind of way. Today was kind of a “put your head down and just keep barreling through” kind of day.

I had 3 appointments today, filled with only about 2 hours of office time to get through a giant pile of paperwork. I know, I live an exciting life. haha.

Lunch was an extra turkey burger and half a sweet potato from last week. Boring. Are you getting a theme for today? haha.

I am happy to say that my Monday got better though. After my late afternoon appointment, I headed over to the gym for my first day of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp!


I am really excited to actually change up my workout routine. I’ve been in such a rut and considering that we’re almost down to the 3 month mark until the big W-DAY, I need a big old fitness kick in the pants. And that’s what I’m hoping bootcamp will do to me.

Unfortunately I cant give you exact details about the workout, because I don’t want to take away from any of the great things that Tina is doing, but when I come across some new moves or exciting ideas, I will definitely share them with you!

Today’s workout was an upper body superset workout, followed by 20 minutes of HIIT for cardio. I have to admit, this was actually my first time EVER doing a real superset workout. I know, I’ve been a chicken. They just sound so… bodybuilder. haha.

For those of you not familiar with a superset, it is basically a pair of workouts that you do back-to-back with little rest, then break for 60 seconds, then redo the same pair. So a workout could look like this:

Exercise A, B    rest   Exercise A, B   rest   Exercise A, B   rest   Exercise C, D… etc

But I have to admit, I can definitely see the benefits. The first set didn’t seem TOO difficult. But after I kept repeating it through, I was definitely feeling it by the end! My shoulders were on FIRE!

After the gym, I came home and took Laney for a 2 mile run to count as my HIIT cardio workout. We basically went back and forth between sprints and recovery runs. Laney was not a huge fan of the sprints… she can’t stop to sniff every few feet! haha.

Dinner was a totally random combo that was created because I had an eggplant that desperately needed to be used.


I sautéed some cubed farmers market eggplant with frozen green beans, peppers, and edamame in some olive oil and garlic. After the veggies were tender, I added in some Trader Joe’s Soyaki sauce and let it simmer. At the last minute I threw in some fresh pineapple. I paired it with a small piece of broiled salmon (with some soyaki sauce on top) and some brown rice. I swear it’s hidden in there somewhere!

Totally delicious and super filling. I don’t make stir-fry nearly often enough. They are so quick and easy!

Now I’m off to spend the rest of the night looking up wedding shoes, emailing some vendors, and working on a new craft project.

Any guesses?


So tell me: What is your favorite new exercise or move?


7 Responses to “Monday-licious”

  1. Chelsea Eats Treats July 24, 2012 at 8:25 am #

    Hmmm I’m excited for the craft project….maybe it’s a Mr. and Mrs. sign for the backs of your chairs? haha idk

    • MyFreckledLife July 24, 2012 at 9:41 pm #

      Haha that’s actually a pretty good guess. But nope – that’s coming up soon!

  2. Lisa @ Jogging on Coffee July 24, 2012 at 9:43 am #

    I should make stir-frys more often too; I don’t know why I never think of it?!

    • MyFreckledLife July 24, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

      Me neither! Then every time I make them I remember how delicious they are!

  3. Tina Reale (@tinareale) July 24, 2012 at 10:47 am #

    Glad to get you trying new things! That’s the best way to shake up the body and get some progress going. I hope you keep loving it. 🙂

    • MyFreckledLife July 24, 2012 at 9:42 pm #

      Haha, well both days have been great so far! I love learning new moves!


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