WIAW: Tupperware Edition

1 Aug

(Before any of you freak out, I realize that there is a lot of discussion over the problems of eating out of plastic containers, and I’m totally right there with you all. However, my office is conveniently out of plates at the moment. So it was that, or eat chicken from a cup.)

So how about those women’s gymnastics last night???? Holy cow! I was totally choked up at the end. Was that just me? Ok, maybe I’m just weird.

I wont spoil it for anyone just in case you haven’t seen it yet. Or you apparently live in a hobbit hole and have no access to TV/internet/facebook/twitter/etc which loves to ruin all results for the rest of us. But seriously, if you haven’t seen it, get out of your hobbit hole and go watch!

(Please take that with a sense of humor. I’m pro-hobbit, don’t worry).

So yea… can you tell I’m in a weird mood today? It was kind of an insane and difficult day at work today that ended with me having to make some hard decisions. Definitely not my idea of a fun Wednesday.

But it’s over now, so let’s talk about some eats, shall we? Because it’s What I Ate Wednesday!

Just in case you aren’t familiar with what WIAW is all about, please head over to Jenn from Peas and Crayons who has a great explanation of why WIAW has taken the blog world by storm!


Thanks to staying up insanely late watching the Olympics last night, I was running a little behind this morning. AKA, I hit snooze about 15 times. My bad. So I threw together some breakfast and brought it to work with me. Black Cherry chobani with frozen fruit and granola on top. Simple and delicious! Paired with my usual cup of tea.



This breakfast actually kept me full until 1pm, which is a miracle considering that my tummy is usually grumbling by 11am. Lunch was leftovers from last night, thanks to my amazing fiance! Definitely not the most attractive picture… sorry about that!



My stomach was ready for a snack around 4pm, so I paired one of Katie’s energy bites from my Foodie Penpal box with a cup of coffee.



After work I had to run a bunch of errands after work, including getting Laney’s nails trimmed and picking up a dress for my bridal shower this weekend. Then I came home for a quick workout before throwing together a simple dinner that turned out awesome. This month Jenn challenged us to include some of our summer staples in WIAW. Well for me, clearly, zucchini and squash are huge summer veggie staples of mine. I also love the simplicity of stir-frys – so quick and delicious!


I made this one by sautéing some zucchini, mushrooms and onions in a bit of olive oil, and then simmered it at the end in some soyaki sauce from Trader Joes. I paired it with a steam-in-a-bag bowl of edamame. However, I got so full I only got through about half my edamame! So filling!

So there you have it – what I ate today!


Because I had such a dramatic day at work, I really was just not feeling the gym, so I decided to complete my Best Body Bootcamp workout at home. After my errands, I ran 3 miles through my neighborhood and then completed the core set for today. I swear, Tina’s sets look easy on paper, but they are definitely hardcore! My abs were shaking by round 3!

Now I’m off to go watch MORE Olympics, and clean my apartment. Because my mother is coming in town this weekend and I should probably at least TRY to pretend like I keep my house clean…

So tell me: What did you eat today?


4 Responses to “WIAW: Tupperware Edition”

  1. Jorie August 1, 2012 at 10:53 pm #

    I love that your posts are incorporating the women’s gymnastics 🙂 This is such an exciting Olympic year!

  2. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake August 2, 2012 at 7:52 am #

    Your dinner looks great!

    So exciting that your bridal shower is this weekend!


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