Out of the Habit

26 Nov

Whoops, sorry about no post yesterday guys! I guess I’ve gotten a little used to not writing posts that it totally slipped my mind until it was nearly midnight. And seeing as how my alarm was sent for a dark and miserable 6am… sleep won that battle.

And just to be clear , I may or may not have hit my snooze button about 5 times this morning. Monday mornings are stupid. Especially after long holiday weekends.

So because I’m totally out of the habit, I completely forgot to snag a picture of my breakfast this morning before I devoured it in a non-caffeinated stupor. But it really wasn’t all that exciting – just cereal and some fruit. And some much needed Earl Grey.

Lunch kind of went the same way, except I DID manage to remember to take a picture of it. It just happened to be after a few bites. Give me a break, I’m out of practice here!


Turkey and cheese (with mustard and miracle whip) on wheat with some leftover Thanksgiving squash casserole a la mother-in-law on the side. Not the best or healthiest lunch I’ve ever come up with, but I’m trying to get back on the wagon here.

I actually got off work on time for the first time in forever, so I got home at a semi-decent hour. This hour commute thing is definitely very different than my old 3 minute one, so it’s taking some getting used to. Especially in the winter where I feel like I never actually see the sun during the day!

For dinner Chris and I made some marinated pork chops with roasted sweet potatoes and green beans.


Apparently our fancy new oven is a little more powerful than my old crappy apartment ones, because the sweet potatoes definitely got a little on the crispy side! But I seasoned them with garlic salt, paprika and rosemary while they were roasting and they still turned out delicious. I love pairing sweet potatoes with savory spices.

Or ketsup. But then again, I’ll pretty much put ketsup on anything.

Back into Running

Not only am I a little rusty on this whole blog thing, but I have to be honest – I’m a little rusty on the whole running thing.

A couple weeks before the running, Chris and I were totally on track with our half marathon training. We had 6+ under our belt and felt really good about being able to really make it through. Then we took a few weeks off before the wedding because everything just got too crazy.

We also had all of these grand plans while on our honeymoon to work out and get a run in. We even packed 4 sets of workout clothes. Then I broke my toe on day 3, and that kind of derailed any plans we had.

When we got back and my toe was mostly healed, we had plans to really jump back into things quickly. Then we got busy with the new house and unpacking (and repacking for the painters to come in).

Basically, we had about 1000 excuses and stopped training. And then reality hit when we had to book our flights for January. Crap. 13.1 suddenly sounds a lot scarier.

We decided we needed a jump start, and that an actual race would be able to get us into the spirit. And what better time than Thanksgiving to find a local 5K Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.

Guys, it was hands down one of the worst races I’ve ever run. In fact, it was probably one of the worst runs I’ve ever had period. I totally went into it thinking I was going to rock it, and realized about 2 miles in that it was rocking me. After 2 walking breaks and a short shoe-tie stop, I crossed the finish line.

My time wasn’t actually that bad and was near my time from the July 4 5K in Culpeper, but the way I felt after the race was totally different. On the 4th of July race, I was literally sprinting to the finish. With this one, I was literally dragging my feet I was so spent. It was NOT the race I was hoping for.

I am determined not to let this totally get me down though. Chris and I went for a 5 mile run on Sunday which actually went WAY better than the 5K, so that gives me a little more hope. I just need to make running more of a habit again these next coming weeks through the holidays and NOT let it go on the back burner again.

At this point, I’m just following the “finish the race standing up” plan now. haha.

So sorry for that little rant. I guess I’ve just been a little more frustrated by this whole running thing than I thought.

Just need to find a balance in this new life of mine!

So tell me: Do you ever get out of the habit of doing things? Do you find it difficult to restart?


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