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And to all a good night!

26 Dec

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

(Or Happy Hanukkah/Qwanza/Winter Solstice/Holiday Vacation, whichever you prefer!)

I don’t know about you, but this week has been totally insane! We basically attempted to shove about 1,000 Christmas activities into a 48 hour period – so I’m pretty sure I got my Christmas cheer fill this year!

Instead of recapping EVERYTHING for you (because I’m pretty sure no one wants to scroll down 97 times to read it), I thought I would just give you an overview in pictures of our festivities, beginning with dinner (+ a movie) on Friday night.

Here you have it: My Christmas week!


As you can see, my week included:

  • Indian food from a new-to-us restaurant in Fredericksburg
  • 9 freakin’ cold miles on Saturday (seriously couldn’t feel my nose)
  • Laney opening her stocking on Christmas morning
  • A huge breakfast feast (this was actually first breakfast, a la hobbits)
  • Awkwardly posing with my new Kindle from Chris – SO EXCITED!
  • A visit from the martini drinking horse. It’s a family thing… don’t question.
  • Christmas dinner followed by egg nog crème brulee.


Altogether a pretty successful holiday, if I do say so myself!

So tell me: How was your holiday??


Five Favorites Friday #4

21 Dec

Happy Friday everyone!

I know I for one am VERY happy that it is Friday. Maybe it’s because Christmas is next week, but this seriously has been the longest week ever. The Christmas rush at work (which then managed to totally overload our computers yesterday and shut down our network for a few hours) definitely isn’t making things any easier.

But this is the last workday before a 5 day weekend – heck yes! One of the benefits of working in the social services world – crappy pay, awesome holiday time!

Poor Chris has to work Christmas Eve AND the day after Christmas! Silly government employees!

Anywhoo, it’s Friday, so you know what that means – another edition of Five Favorites Friday!

Five Favorites Friday is something I started about a month ago to just talk about some of the things that I am totally loving right now. There is usually no rhyme or reason to them… just things that I think are awesome and want to share with you all!

So let’s have at it:

1. Favorite Surprise: Rediscovering foods you love

So last week at the Farmer’s Market, the biggest produce lady (in the quantity of her products, not in reference to her personal size. She has a very lovely figure) mentioned that this coming Saturday is her last week at the market until spring. Ack! #buyallthethings

I had to restrain myself a little. BUT one of my totally random splurge purchases was a grapefruit. Why? No clue. I was delirious with sadness that she was closing.

But I have been eating my grapefruit for breakfast and remember how much I love the darn things! Thank you produce lady!

I’ve also been trying out some new things for breakfast lately. My oatmeal loving is fizzling out a little, so I need to find a new staple breakfast. So far I’ve tried breakfast sandwiches and cereal. Not sure what I’m going to go with yet!




2. Favorite Quickie Lunch option: Subway

As I mentioned, this week has been kind of INSANE at work. We’re having to get all of our “end of the month” paperwork done this week – 2 weeks early! AH! So that’s basically meant that I either eat food at weird hours (see WIAW for an example…) or I’m eating lunch in 30 seconds flat.

Thursday was no exception. I went from playgroup to several appointments, with no lunch break in sights. Then a magical glow appeared… it was Subway!

Seriously, thank goodness for Subway. They provide quick and healthy “fast food” options that don’t feel like they are covered in a thick layer of grease and mechanically processed chicken. Plus I can load it with as many veggies as I want, and challenge the workers to try and close it! I’m that customer that they probably curse once I leave. And I’m proud of it!


3. Favorite Sick Activity: Eating comfort food

There is something going around Culpeper. It’s like this crazy stomach bug/respiratory/strep thing. Several of our kids and therapists have already gotten it. And then my office-mate called in sick yesterday. Which of course meant the whole day my stomach was feeling super off.

I have no clue whether it was mental or I just managed to fend it off, but I seemed to have escaped the puking *knock on wood*. But all I wanted to do last night was curl up on the couch.

However, I decided sustenance probably wasn’t a bad idea. Except the only thing that sounded good was something I used to make as a kid because it was super easy and plain. Perfect for a sick night.


Egg noodles, butter and parmesan cheese. You don’t get more basic than that. Very little nutritional value, but it was exactly what I needed.

4. Favorite Reads: New-to-me blogs!

So I just thought I would share a few blogs that are new to me that I’ve really been enjoying recently. Two of whom I met at the VA Bloggers event at the Local Barre a few weekends ago!

You should definitely check these ladies out:

Sarah at the Blonde Bostonian

Stephanie at Cookin Fanatic

Katherine at Neon Blonde Runner

5. Favorite Holiday: NOT the end of the world day!


That’s right – we are STILL ALIVE!!! HOORAY!!!

(Although I totally have to admit – the wind here last night was a little bit insane and definitely kind of freaked me out. #paranoid?)

But I just wanted to say congratulations guys, we have officially survived the end of the world!

You know, until someone else comes up with another “end of the world” date.

But for now, WE’RE ALIVE!


Well there you have it – things I’m totally loving this week. I know, really random. But I’m sure next week we’ll have a CHRISTMAS edition! Woot woot!

But until then – Have a great weekend everyone!

So tell me: What are you loving this week?

What’s Your Emergency?

20 Dec

Good morning everyone! All I can say, is that I am HAPPY it is Thurday! This week has been way too busy and has gone by WAY too slowly.

I would like another week before Christmas though. I am SO not ready for that…

Anyway, I have to tell you guys about this crazy thing that happened to me last night.

So last night I have a quarterly meeting after work, and didn’t end up leaving Culpeper until around 8:00pm. It’s nearly an hour drive back to my house, and I spend almost the entire thing on 1 road.

When turn onto this road, I end up behind this pickup truck. Within about a minute, this truck starts weaving all over the place. I mean they are driving into the opposite lane into oncoming traffic, then they are driving into the ditch on the other side (I spitting gravel and grass all back at me). The road is also a 55mph zone, and they basically kept going back and forth between 45 and 70. I even honked at them several times when they would drive into oncoming traffic.

After about 5 minutes of this, I was getting seriously nervous for this person’s life, and for the safety of others (myself included). So I called 911. I gave them my exact location (with cross streets) and the license number of the crazy truck in front of me. They said they’d look into it.


About 15 minutes later I called again, because I’d now driven into a different county. Gave them all the same info. They said they’d look into it.


About 20 minutes after that I drove into a third county and called again. Same info. This one even had me stay on the phone and continue to update them with my location for a good 10 minutes. At one point we even passed under a light and I could see that wasn’t just one drunk driver, there were multiple people in this truck.

I then watched this truck almost run someone straight off the rode while riding down the center of the two lanes.

45 minutes after this whole thing started, this truck turned off on to a side road in the busy part of Fredericksburg. I’d already taken the long way home in order to stay behind this guy and help the police. But apparently the police weren’t coming…

All I can do is hope that this guy didn’t end up killing himself, or anyone else, after he turned the corner.

But how ridiculous is that!?! I’m not really one to call the police unless it is actually a seriously dangerous situation (I called once before when someone was driving on a busy road, at night, in the rain, with no lights on AT ALL). But is it crazy to think that the police might want to respond to something like that?

I mean, I gave it to you on a silver patter – license plate, exact location, and I stayed behind them for 45 minutes when I could have absolutely sped past them at any point for my own safety.

Grrrr…. it just got me so riled up!!!

I know this is neither fitness nor food related, but I just needed to share.

Now let’s look at some funny things, just to even this all out:





Hopefully that made you smile a little! Back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow!

So tell me: Have you ever been in a situation like this? Have you ever had to call the police on a crazy driver? And if so, did they actually show up??