Presidents, Crocodiles and Spoilers

19 Feb

Happy Tuesday!

I have to admit, like usual after a 3-day weekend, I’m definitely struggling a little bit this morning. It’s amazing how much your body can get used to sleeping in after just a few short days, and that 6am alarm clock seems rather harsh.

Ok, just to be clear, my alarm clock goes off at 6am. Then I hit the snooze button like 10 times until 6:30. I have a problem.

Anyway, because this was such a fabulous weekend, I thought I’d give you a run-down of what happened yesterday when I got to spend an extra day at home. I like to call this day “The time we decided we should actually be productive on a long weekend”. You can check out the recap of my actual weekend here. It involved a LOT of eating…

So we decided to sleep in, again, because in my opinion that is hands down the best part of the weekend. When we did finally decide to get up (which was like 9am people… oh how times have changed, when “sleeping in” used to mean like 1pm!) we made a totally random and delicious egg and sausage scramble that also included hashbrowns and cheese.


After this pictures I totally doused it in ketchup. Because that’s what I do.

Then it was errands time. We had 3 grocery stores and a new spice store on our list. We’ve gotten more into couponing lately which, while it is awesome and saves money, means going to LOTS of different stores!

The spice store was probably the best part. It’s a new place in old town Fredericksburg called the PA Dutch Spice and Tea Company. They are seriously packed full of different spices on one side, and loose leaf teas on the other.


It’s one of those places where, if a recipe calls for something totally random – you can probably find it here. Plus the place smells AMAZING.

We ended up picking up some hot curry powder (OMG guys, it seriously makes me start drooling just smelling it), and some chipotle powder. I’m so excited to get to try them out soon!

From there we hit up Food Lion, Giant, and Aldi before heading back with our giant haul. Which there is no picture of, because it was too giant to even fit on my counter.

Later that afternoon I did decide to get a workout in, even though I was feeling a little sluggish. But the weather was gorgeous and was calling my name, so I headed out for a slow but steady 3 mile run and a nice long cool down. Thinking back, this is actually my first long run in almost a month, so it was nice to get back in to it again!


Gotta get prepped for that Monument Avenue 10K in April!

By the time I got back I was so pumped up, I decided to go in for one of Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp workouts. This was the first day of a new phase and OH. MY. GOODNESS. I’m pretty sure Tina was trying to kill me. She brought in 3 totally new moves to me and I was literally so wobbly I could hardly stand up for a few minutes after I was finished.

This alligator/crocodile walk from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean totally kicked my rear. Looks so simple. Totally deceiving.

When I finally emerged from the basement (aka crawled up the stairs), Chris had already started on dinner – chicken with a white wine mushroom sauce.


We paired it with some brown rice and asparagus. For something that he totally made up as he went along, it was amazing. I’m so impressed!


Can you find my chicken under all the mushrooms?

I spent the rest of the evening hanging on the couch with this lady, watching Biggest Loser and working on wedding thank you cards.


(**SPOILER ALERT** OMG – I thought the Francelina and Jeff thing was SO CUTE! I totally saw it coming at the beginning of this episode. I can’t wait to see them at the finale! I love when there is some BL match-making!)

Anyway, I hope you all had a great President’s Day as well. And for those of you who didn’t get a holiday… I’m very sorry. It was awesome.

So tell me: What did you do on your day off? If you didn’t have a day off, what WOULD you have done?


3 Responses to “Presidents, Crocodiles and Spoilers”

  1. Chelsea @ Chelsea Eats Treats February 19, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    Omg I totally saw the Jeff & Francelina thing coming too. They were just tooooo emotional when she left and they reminded me of that weird couple from a few seasons ago that dated during the show. Can’t remember their names, but I remember they were not my favorites lol


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