Roughing It

11 Mar

Happy dark and chilly Monday morning!

As much as I love that thanks to Daylight Savings time, it is now sunny until almost 7pm, it’s definitely an adjustment to wake up to a pitch black morning again. I’d started to enjoy drinking my morning tea watching the sunrise through my kitchen windows. And the light streaming into my bedroom in the morning definitely made the 6am alarm slightly more tolerable.

I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning at all. Too dark.

The lack of sleep this weekend MAY have contributed to that as well…

And the fact that Laney woke up at 2am to throw up a rope hairball. That was a lovely sound to wake up to in the middle of the night!

ANYWAY, I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Chris and I spent nearly the entire weekend away from home – but it was so necessary. After being sick and then the stress of leaving my job last week, I was definitely getting a little overwhelmed!

But luckily we were invited to spend the weekend in a cabin in the Algonkian National Park in Sterling, VA by a good friend of ours who is on spring break from law school. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend, and got several of us together for a weekend of “camping”. You know, the kind of camping that involves hot tubs, electric fireplaces, and refrigerators.

We were roughing it guys.


Throughout the weekend there was lots of the following:



(Last 2 photos courtesy of my friend Maggie)

You all know I don’t drink too often, but sometimes you just have to cut loose for a bit. Especially when you’re with people who don’t make fun of you when you fall into the hot tub trying to climb in, and have impromptu girl talks on the bedroom floor. Those are true friends, people.

We also had some great food thanks to several amazing cooks. I got lucky and didn’t have to cook a thing this weekend (although I volunteered myself for cleanup duty).


There also was a 4 hour “hike” (aka trail and mud walk) that several of us went on. You know, to burn off all the alcohol and drunk doritos that were consumed.


And of course, there was some random drunk fun. Including experimenting with marshmallows in the microwave, and then convincing Erik to eat them. Let me tell you, it is way less appetizing than it looks.


But finally Sunday came and we had to say goodbye, but not without brunch first. Heuvos Rancheros at Joe’s Café in Sterline. Also, I have to give them major props for offering a 10% discount when they saw me instragram a picture of my meal and tag them. I love restaurants that support social media!

IMAG0503 My super busy weekend ended with walking around shopping for 4 hours at the Leesburg Outlets with my bestie, who lives in the area. Since I’m about to start my new job, I needed to find some REAL work clothes, since I’m so used to wearing jeans and flip flops to work.

This is what 4 hours and tired feet got me. 4 shirts, a new pair of jeans (which was needed anyway), a pair of work pants and a blazer. I consider that a success!


Phew! No wonder I’m so tired this morning!! It was a BUSY weekend!

Now I just need a weekend to relax from my weekend!

So tell me: What did you all do this weekend?


4 Responses to “Roughing It”

  1. di @ life of di. March 11, 2013 at 9:09 am #

    Love the new clothes and it looks like you had such a nice weekend 🙂 I love that you went and spent time with friends at a cabin. I would love to do this but the majority of my friends have kids. Maybe it’s time to start making some friends without so we can do fun things like this together 🙂

  2. IHeartVegetables March 11, 2013 at 11:46 am #

    It sounds like you had such a good time, Stephanie!! 🙂 Sometimes it IS fun to just let loose!

  3. Chelsea Eats Treats March 11, 2013 at 11:56 am #

    HAHAHAHA omg Jack threw up a rope hairball a couple of weeks ago, although for me it was like 45 mins before I had to wake up. Great. At least I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who has a dog that throws up rope hairballs lol. Looks like a great weekend!!


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