Just Hanging with some Union Soldiers

6 May

Phew! Late post coming at you today. This weekend definitely got the best of me and I was struggling hard core to wake up this morning. Blogging was just super low on my priority list in my half-asleep stupor.

But I’m here now, after a super busy Monday, with a nice recap of my weekend, which was insanely busy. Like, probably the busiest weekend I’ve had in months. The kind of weekend where you almost need an extra day to recover!

Let’s hope that this is a chill week, otherwise I’m going to be struggling!

ANYWAY, let’s recap, shall we?


Even though Friday was technically the 3rd of May, we still decided to celebrate at my office with a Cinco de Mayo potluck! We basically stuffed ourselves on fresh guacamole (my contribution), virgin daquiris, stuffed peppers, bean tacos and margarita cupcakes (complete with tequila frosting).


Holy cow, these cupcakes were amazing. One of my coworkers has a small baking business, and this was my first chance getting to sample her work. Seriously delicious!

It was a great way to spend a Friday afternoon bonding with coworkers!

Since Friday was also Chris and my 6 month anniversary, we decided to have a chill night going out to our favorite Mexican restaurant since we knew we had some fun weekend plans. No pictures though, because the lighting in the restaurant is horrendous.

And yes, I did have Mexican twice in 1 day. You can never have too much Mexican food!


We were up early Saturday morning because we had some busy plans! The day started out with a breakfast sandwich and some farmers market strawberries, along with a big cup of tea. Eaten while catching up on facebook and blogs, of course!


From there we headed to the Fredericksburg farmers market. This was an extra special “first market” (the first Saturday of the month) where they had a big art in the park festival and extra vendors. Chris and I spent a good hour just wandering the tents.

We also spent way too much time at a homemade dog treat shop. Laney is one spoiled dog…


From there we headed, with Laney, to my old stomping ground in Culpeper. My old job was having a picnic with a bunch of our clients, so I promised that I would come back to see them again. We spent a few hours eating BBQ, catching up with my old families and co-workers, and having Laney be the entertainment for a whole bunch of kids.

We happened to get super lucky with our choice of Culpeper weekends, and it happened to be Culpeper Day! You know when you’re in a small town when you celebrate founders day.

Culpeper was full of vendors, firefighters, food trucks and various other fun activities. Chris, Laney and I had fun walking around, sampling some food, and enjoying the sun.


Next up on the agenda was to head to a small Bed & Breakfast in Madison called Ebenezer House to celebrate our anniversary.

Ebenezer House was a beautiful old church, which was moved piece by piece from its original location in Culpeper to Madison, VA and fixed up to be a B&B. You can certainly tell as you walk around how it was once set up as a church, and the owners have done a great job of preserving its character.




Once we were settled, Chris and I said goodbye to Laney and headed a few miles down the road to the Bavarian Chef. You may recall that Chris and I checked out the Fredericksburg location during Fredericksburg restaurant week back in January, but the Madison location is actually the original. If you are a fan of German food, it doesn’t get a whole lot more authentic this side of the Atlantic.

We started with a MASSIVE appetizer – portabello mushroom stuffed with crab meat and cheese and topped with burgandy sauce. Amazing, but seriously HUGE.


For our entrée, Chris and I split the jager schnitzel, which was a thin slice of breaded pork with a mushroom and bacon sauce. Do you see this – this was my HALF of the meal. Seriously. I then took half of this home. Apparently the Germans know how to put away some food!


Even though we were super full at this point, we couldn’t pass up the dessert tray that came around, and decided to split an apple strudel with vanilla sauce and ice cream. So incredibly decadent.


Stuffed and tired, we headed back to the B&B and relaxed with a nice romantic comedy. Perfect way to celebrate our anniversary, if you ask me.


We were up early to enjoy breakfast at the B&B, which consisted of french toast casserole, bacon, yogurt and homemade granola and a variety of fresh fruit. It was simple and delicious. Sadly I didn’t get a picture!

We had to run out of the B&B soon after breakfast though, because we had plans with our neighbors! After dropping Laney at home, we headed out with our neighbor and her two kids to watch the reenactment of the 150th battle of Cancellorsville (which is basically right around the corner from us).

Chris actually used to do civil war reenactments when he was younger, so we were able to meet up with his old unit and get an inside look into the battle. The reenactors were also really great about showing off their weapons and educating our young neighbors (and us) about civil war facts.



For anyone who isnt familiar with the Battle of Chancellorsville, it was both a win and a loss for the Confederate army. While they did win the battle thanks to Gen. Robert E. Lee’s smart decisions, the battle is also known for the fatal wounding of General Stonewall Jackson.

The battle itself was really fun to watch, and it helped to have Chris’ insight into the reenactment aspects. After the battle ended we met up with his old unit, who were trying really hard to convince him (and I) to join again. Who knows, maybe you’ll see me in a hoop skirt one of these days. haha.

By the time we got home, and finally ate lunch, it was after 3:30. We did some frantic house cleaning before heading to the usual Sunday night church and family dinner.

And then we proceeded to come home and pass out. Too much sun!

There you have it – my crazy, busy weekend

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? Have you ever been to a reenactment before?


3 Responses to “Just Hanging with some Union Soldiers”

  1. Chelsea Eats Treats May 13, 2013 at 4:36 pm #

    Looks like an awesome weekend!! I can’t believe Chris used to do Civil War reenactments. That is so cool!! You guys should definitely do it again!

    • MyFreckledLife May 13, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

      Haha, we’re seriously considering it. If I do, there will definitely be pictures. Have to document me in a hoop skirt, right? haha.


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