Wedding Recap, Part 4: The Reception

24 May

So here we are, nearly 7 months later, but I still wanted to finish up my wedding recap series. It’s taken me so long because as much as I absolutely LOVE looking through all of our pictures and remembering over the day, it’s also so overwhelming! There are over 800 pictures to sift through!

But we’ve almost come to the end, so today I want to share with you my reception pictures.

If you want to check out pother pictures, take a look at Part 1: Getting Ready, Part 2: The Portraits/First Look, and Part 3: The Ceremony.

The Reception

Our reception took place at an old manor called Hollin Hall, and the meeting house that stands next to it. Our cocktail hour took place in the old house and gardens (although it got pretty chilly by the late afternoon), and then guests walked down the path to the Meeting House, which is actually part of the Mount Vernon Unitarian Church. The grounds themselves were beautiful, full of rose bushes, brick walls, and archways. We loved the brick interior of the meeting house, and felt that it lended well to our laid-back, relaxed feel.

As you saw some in the ceremony, our colors were maroon and orange (Go Hokies!), but we also used a lot of fall decorations and inspiration. Because Chris and I are both music nerds, and met in band in college, we also tried to incorporate some music details. Most things were handmade by me (projects where came out awesome but cause WAY too much stress beforehand!)

Without further ado!

reception 6

baumann-405baumann-407baumann-408baumann-411baumann-414reception 23reception 7baumann-415baumann-421baumann-426baumann-456

The bells and wands are actually an irish tradition to bring good luck. In honoring Chris’ Irish heritage, we thought it would be a nice touch in lieu of sparklers.

baumann-447reception 22

As I said, we incorporated a lot of musical aspects into our reception. We wanted our cocktail hour to be a little more formal, so we used this brass quintet (our reception had a DJ so we could bust some moves). That’s actually my dad on the far right, playing french horn. I told you we were musical people…


Our favors were these little mini mason jar apple pies. Apples not only tied into our wedding theme, but apple pies are a running joke with Chris’ family so they seemed appropriate as a little inside joke. They turned out delicious, but it was definitely an experience to make 120 of them!


Any VT fans may recognize this. We used a decorated lunch pail (bought off of ebay and painted by me to mimic the real one) as our card holder. We had to throw some VT love in there somewhere!


So there you have it – a recap of all the formal pictures from our reception. Don’t worry, my next and final recap will include all of the fun candid pictures that I know you all REALLY want to see. Let’s just say that by about 2 hours into the reception a rubber horse head mask was making its rounds, the garter toss almost sent people to the hospital, and I learned how to wobble in a giant dress.

Is that enough of a teaser for you? If not, then how about this. Yup, that’s my husband.


So tell me: What kind of venue do you use for your reception? Or if you’re not married, what kind of venue would you like to use?


3 Responses to “Wedding Recap, Part 4: The Reception”

  1. Chelsea Eats Treats May 24, 2013 at 12:23 pm #

    Beautiful!!! I love these recaps 🙂 I hope to get married outside somewhere, either in a garden or by the water, and then have my reception under a tent or in a nearby location with a beautiful view!

  2. jessiebearwhat May 26, 2013 at 9:25 pm #

    Beyond gorgeous!


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