WIAW: Kicks Edition

29 May

Happy Wednesday!

Once again, I have to admit that short weeks are awesome. It’s like you blink and it’s already Wednesday! How did that happen?

Let the countdown to the weekend begin!

Anyway, I’m just going to jump right into it today. It is Wednesday, so I’m sure by now you all have figured out what that means… it’s time for a What I Ate Wednesday!

To get more information about WIAW, and what it is meant to represent, please check out creator Jenn’s blog for a much more eloquent description!


Guys, I’m totally back on a cereal kick again. I don’t know what gives! I never used to be a cereal person, but all of a sudden I keep finding myself craving it in the morning! Maybe because it’s cold and the weather has finally gotten warm? I’m not sure, but I guess I’ll just go with it! Frosted mini wheats and almond milk topped with raspberries and blackberries. And tea of course.


I also had a cup of coffee once I got to work around 8. It was one of those kinds of days…


Lunch was kind of boring today, I’m sad to say. Nothing was really calling to me from my fridge, so I made a PB&J (natural creamy PB and strawberry jam) and paired it with some cherries (FAV summer fruit!) and the new parmesan garlic popchips. Which are seriously awesome by the way.




Around 4pm I had a snack since I knew I’d need something to make it through the gym before dinner. Sadly, my camera totally didn’t save the picture I took of my yogurt! It was even the new Blueberry, chia and hemp flip! Super sad face. So just pretend this key lime is a delicious mix of blueberry, chia, hemp and walnut!




Dinner tonight was all thanks to grillmaster Chris. While I was at the gym, he grilled up some turkey burgers (topped with thin sliced colby jack and ketchup), zucchini and squash slices, and some orange bell pepper. He just seasoned the veggies with some olive oil and sea salt, and they were seriously delicious!



Workout #1

As I mentioned before, twice a week I’ve also been going to work out at the gym near my office with one of my coworkers. Today during my lunch break I did 30 minutes of intervals on the elliptical (I’ve been on an elliptical kick lately for some reason), followed by 20 minutes of legs.

I tried to mix it up a little today by using the resistance band for legs and boy can I feel it in my stabilizer muscles this morning!!


Workout #2

After work I headed to the gym. My original plan was to do some cardio and abs, but honestly I was really just in a cardio mood. I had some things on my mind, and cardio is always a good way to spend some time in thought. I wasn’t feeling anything in particular, so I did 20 minute hills on the arc trainer, 10 minute speed hills (where the speed increase every few seconds) on the stairmaster, and 20 minutes intervals on the elliptical again. Nice and sweaty!


There you have it guys – what I ate Wednesday Tuesday!

So tell me: What did you eat today?


6 Responses to “WIAW: Kicks Edition”

  1. jessielovestorun May 29, 2013 at 8:19 am #

    So sweet of Chris to whip up a delicious looking dinner for the two of you!!

  2. genkikitty May 29, 2013 at 11:44 am #

    All looks delicious! I’m loving the warmer weather too – I can’t believe people use AC in such glorious weather! Enjoy the warm week in VA!

    • MyFreckledLife May 30, 2013 at 9:32 pm #

      Haha, it will get super hot soon enough! The only bad thing about the warm weather is the cicadas!

  3. Chelsea Eats Treats May 31, 2013 at 12:11 pm #

    Yummm I NEED to try those Chobani Flips! Which flavor do you like better- the key lime or the blueberry one?

    • MyFreckledLife May 31, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

      Oooh… that’s hard. The blueberry tastes “healthier” (because the Key Lime tastes like dessert), but I also feel like it kept me fuller longer. But who doesnt love Key Lime?? I dont know that I can pick!!! STRESS!

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