3 Jun

Good Morning and Happy Monday guys!

I have to admit that I’m struggling a little bit this morning. Even though this weekend was actually pretty relaxed compared to normal, I didn’t really get all that much sleep. And it is definitely catching up with me this morning!

This just might end up being an extra coffee kind of day!

But let’s look at this weekend, shall we?


I went into Friday thinking it was going to be a nice, quiet day (as most Fridays normally are around my office). However, I was TOTALLY wrong. Apparently every one of my clients decided that they needed something or needed to come visit the office! While everyone else was having a nice, chill day – I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off!! Definitely not what I was expecting.

Thank goodness I had time in the morning to get some extra coffee. My iced coffee with skim helped me make it through the morning.


It got so crazy that I didn’t even have time to stop and think about lunch until after 1pm. Even though I had a sandwich packed, several coworkers were going to a local Korean restaurant and convinced me to get something. This is the bibimbap, which is basically veggies (sprouts, carrots, cucumber, zucchini) over rice, topped with a fried egg and super spicy sauce.

Guys, it was deliciously spicy! Although this plate was huge and I could barely even finish half of it. If you havent tried Korean food, I highly recommend it!


After work I headed home and frantically started getting stuff ready for the Bible Study that we were posting at our house. No pictures yet (since I don’t know these people all that well yet), but it was a large group and we had quite the spread of food!

Laney was basically convinced that everyone was there to see her, so she spent the whole evening socializing. Which of course meant that she was totally pooped by the time everyone left. Being the life of the party is so exhausting!

(Please note where her back feet are… they end up under her chin. SO AWKWARD!)




Saturday we were up SUPER bright and early because Chris had to take his GREs in Richmond, and asked me to get up with him and quiz him on the way down via phone.

Once he arrived and was off to take his test, Laney and I had a lazy morning before heading off to the farmers market. We only picked up some green beans and a tomato, but Laney definitely had some admirers! She even got a free bone from several vendors!

After the farmers market, Laney and I made a very special trip down to Ashland, VA to visit the BARK ranch! Bark is a dog rescue organization that saves abandoned or kill-shelter dogs, gives them medical treatment, and helps them to get adopted out to a forever home.

We had met BARK several times when we took Laney to Petsmart, and decided that fostering a dog was something that we wanted to do. Not only would we help a dog find a new home, but we’d also have a friend for Laney to play with for awhile.

So without further ado, meet Roscoe!


Roscoe is a super friendly little guy who LOVES to be right up next to you or in your lap at all times. All he really wants is some lovin’! He’s a little on the chunky side right now, but we’re hoping that running around with Laney in the yard and a controlled diet will help with that!

But if you know of anyone in the Richmond/Fredericksburg area that is interested in a super sweet little fellow, please let me know!

The rest of the day was spent getting acquainted with Roscoe, letting him and Laney feel each other out, and relaxing.

Dinner came together super easily as well: Chicken and Sweet Potatoes in a peanut sauce. Recipe coming at you soon!


The evening was spent watching Star Trek (the first one) in preparation for seeing the new one in theaters. I know, we’re nerds!



Sunday we were up early again to get ready for the celebration of two friends getting married! Nathan is my best friend’s little brother (who I have literally known since I was 3, so he is basically like my little brother too) and his beautiful bride Anna came over from the Ukraine several years ago for school. They are so full of love and it was such a beautiful ceremony to watch.


(I managed to spill something on my on dress like 5 minutes into cocktail hour, so I had to put on a cardigan while it dried. Thank goodness for my friend having some shout wipes in her purse!)


The ceremony and reception were a beautiful mix of Jewish heritage (groom), American wedding traditions (groom), and Ukrainian/Russian traditions (bride). Even their favors represented their blended family!


I had the veggie lasagna which came on gluten free noodles (I think). It was interesting, but overall still pretty good. Didn’t look nearly as delicious as everyone’s filet though! haha.


I also thought it was super sweet that because Anna’s family was not able to get visas to come over to the US for the wedding, Nathan’s dad stepped in for the father-daughter dance. You could tell how welcoming Nathan’s family is of Anna, and how happy they are to have her as a daughter-in-law!


There was also an open bar, and even though it was only like 11:30am, you’d better believe we took advantage of that. Which means, inevitably, there were some awkward selfies that happened. Apparently that seems to be my new tipsy thing at weddings…



So happy my husband puts up with me!

There you have it though – my mostly chill, but still pretty exhausting weekend! Not many workouts were had, but sometimes life just has to take priority, right? And I’m just going to jump back into this week with some healthy habits!

So tell me: What did you do this weekend?


8 Responses to “Roscoe”

  1. Erica @ For the Sake of Cake June 3, 2013 at 10:48 am #

    Aw, Roscoe is SO cute!

    • MyFreckledLife June 3, 2013 at 10:57 am #

      I know right?? I can’t believe he’s been in the shelter for 2 YEARS without ever being adopted!

  2. di @ life of di. June 3, 2013 at 3:43 pm #

    Oh my gosh! That bibimbap looks SOOO good. I had something similar on Friday night but without the sprouts, egg and spicy sauce. Would’ve made it much better, I’m sure 😀 Also, my dog is named Roscoe and he looks really similar 🙂 So cute!

    • MyFreckledLife June 4, 2013 at 7:55 am #

      The spicy sauce definitely made it! It was delicious! And no way!! That is too funny!

  3. genkikitty June 4, 2013 at 2:26 pm #

    Oh I love Korean food but haven’t found a good place around town just yet in our new location. The spicy sauce is red pepper paste. Mmm And Roscoe is so cute! I hope you find a home for him soon.

    • MyFreckledLife June 4, 2013 at 5:37 pm #

      I have heard there is actually a really good Korean place in Central Park, near like Platos Closet and DSW? I haven’t tried it yet, but it was highly recommended to me. And thank you!!

  4. Chelsea Eats Treats June 10, 2013 at 1:54 pm #

    Awww Roscoe is such a CUTIE!!! I hope he finds a home soon! Also the wedding looked lovely 🙂 Congratulations to the couple!!

    • MyFreckledLife June 10, 2013 at 1:57 pm #

      Thanks!! He is such a sweetheart, I hope he finds a good forever family!

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