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Ticks, Tacos and Talking Shop

17 Jun

Good morning!!

Or should I say Congratulations! We have officially survived the weekend!

Haha, I always felt that way in college when Monday morning came around. Not that I was really all that crazy of a college kid, but just in the fact that weekends in college usually revolved around way too many activities and way too little sleep.

Anyway, I’m sad/happy to say that I don’t actually have a TON of stuff to recap for you. This weekend was actually fairly chill, for the most part. Which was desperately needed around here, let me tell you.

But let’s look anyway, just for S & Gs, ok?


After battling traffic on my way home on Friday afternoon, I quickly threw some snacks together for our Friday night bible study meeting. No pictures because people started arriving while I was finishing up, and I don’t know everyone QUITE well enough to tell them about my little corner of blogland quite yet.

We ended up getting out a little early though and decided to go catch a movie! There are so many good ones out right now! We decided on The Internship because we were looking for something funny. And let me tell you, it definitely lived up to the previews. It was SO funny and dorky and I loved every second of it!



We were up SUPER early on Saturday morning (which is just wrong in my opinion) to hit up the farmers market because I had a work function that I needed to be at by 10am.


We picked up some green beans, 2 squash, zucchini, mini Sonoma bread & red, white and blue scones (from Great Harvest), whole wheat pita bread, goat milk ricotta, and eggs. Most of these are new to us products (we’re trying out this whole farm fresh egg thing to see if it’s REALLY that much different), so we’re excited to try them out!

After my work event, which went from 10-11, I sat in traffic for 2.5 hours to get home. Yes, 2.5 hours to go the < 30 miles to my house. Insane. I even had to stop by Wawa for some sustenance because it was nearly 2pm and I hadn’t eaten anything since 7:30!

Finally I made it closer to home and decided that since my workout plans were out the window because of time, I might as well swing by a get a quick haircut. Just a trim though, nothing exciting!

I made it home just in time to change and head out on our next adventure: Hiking at Caledon State Park with Chris and his sister (and all our dogs)!


I intended on taking more pictures, but ended up getting totally distracted by the hike itself and didn’t even think of it until we got into the car! Boo!


Laney sure enjoyed herself though! She was one pooped puppy dog by the time we got home!

Chris, his sister and I headed home and made some simple turkey tacos for dinner. The weather was so gorgeous that we were even able to eat out on the deck and spend some time relaxing.

Which was good, because then we started to find some ticks on us. And spent the next 2 HOURS pulling ticks off of us and the dogs. Probably more than 75 in total. It was RIDICULOUS. And let me tell you, trying to get a dog to sit still while you pull 25+ ticks off of them is not an easy feat.

Needless-to-say, that basically took up the entire rest of our evening. Stupid bugs.


Luckily we got to sleep in a little on Sunday morning to recover before heading to church.

After a quick grocery stop, I headed home to change because Chris and I had big afternoon plans: The start of half marathon training!

I’m probably going to talk about this more later, because I think it deserves a post of it’s own, but we are signed up for the Hokie Half Marathon in September and we have some lofty goals for this one! Last time we were running for experience. This time we’re running to improve our time. Which means a very different kind of training plan than last time around. 

So we headed out on a 5 mile run, and tried to pick up the pace. Guys, this was seriously one of my worst runs EVER. EVERRRRRRRRR. There were tears. and curse words. and lots of stopping to keep from totally melting down. I hit a total mental block. Bad, just BAD.

We ended up cutting it to about 4.5 miles, and made it back in a very pathetic (and MUCH slower) time than planned. Just not my day.

Thankfully I didn’t have time to stew about it, because I had to hop in the shower and head down to Richmond for a VA Bloggers meet up!

(Please pardon the fact that I look like a half-face giant in the picture. I should clearly not try and pretend that I’m tall in group pictures and stand on my tippy toes in the back. Not a good look for me.)

We met up at Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant in Richmond, and spent a few hours chatting about Blogging, life outside of blogging, significant others, and various other random things.


I love these kinds of meet ups, because it’s so nice to not only meet other bloggers, but get the chance to “talk shop” (HA!) with others who understand the weird quirks that come with a hobby like this. Like everyone pulling out their smart phone to instagram pictures of their dinner. The norm.


Anyway, there you have it – my not-so-exciting-yet-still-very-fun weekend. Complete with ticks. Gross.

So tell me: What did you do this weekend? Have you ever had to deal with ticks before??


Nerd Alert!

10 Jun


My super amazing, spectacular, totally awesome husband completely took apart my computer this weekend (like down to the green motherboard) and replaced the broken part that was causing my computer to not only refuse to charge, but was making it kill chargers. And now I’m up and running again!!

I have to admit, it was a little strange to go several days without a computer! We get so used to technology that it’s easy to get completely reliant on it for everything. So it was nice to step away for a few days and regroup.

Now that’s not to say that I unplugged entirely, because I do still have a kindle and a smartphone, but still… baby steps people!

ANYWAY, for the most part this weekend was actually very chill and I don’t really have too much to share with you all in terms of a recap. But let’s review anyway, shall we?


Chris came up to meet me after work on Friday to pick up our race packets for the Run Amuck that is run by the Marine Corps Marathon crew. Essentially it’s similar to the Warrior Dash or the Spartan Race – 3 miles of obstacles and mud. And awesomeness.


While waiting, I did some window shopping at some nearby stores and ran into this beauty.


Seriously almost barfed when I smelled it. Trying a little too hard, Yankee Candle??

After picking up our packets, we took Roscoe to meet some potential new parents! They wanted to see how he would do with their dog and cats, so we spent some time letting them meet him and sniff around. Maybe he’ll have a new home soon!

By the time we go home, it was after 8pm and we were feeling pizza and a movie. Sometimes you just have to go old school. So we ordered pizza from a new-to-us pizzeria (note: not very good pizza… bummer), and watched Thor. Because Chris wants me to watch all of the Superhero movies before I can watch the Avengers. Yes, we are nerds.


We were up SUPER bright and early for our 8am start time at the Run Amuck. Sadly I did not bring my camera with me (I wasn’t about to risk getting it muddy!) and the official pictures aren’t out yet, but I promise to share them with you as soon as I get them!

In the meantime…



I think you get the idea…

Upon returning home and spending a good 45 minutes in the shower trying to get mud out of my ear drum, Chris and I both proceeded to take a “15 minute nap”.

…1.5 hours later…

Whoops! We puttered around a little bit and watched some TV before heading over to his mom’s boyfriend’s house for a good old fashioned shrimp BBQ and Kan Jam extravaganza.




Thankfully we were able to sleep in on Sunday, and when I finally got up around 10:15, enjoyed my frosted mini wheats (seriously,

obsessed… it’s a problem) and coffee while catching up on some blog reading.


After spending the morning cleaning, Chris and I headed to the movie theaters to see the new Star Trek movie. Yes, we really are nerds – I warned you!! The movie was AWESOME and now I really want to go back and watch some of the old school Star Trek stuff. Nerd.

We then headed out for some epic grocery shopping, which was very much needed around our house. I even tried my hand and some Sunday food prepping once we got back, and packed up 3 salads, some tuna salad, and some veggie snack packs for this week. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!


The rest of the evening was spent doing the usual –  heading to church at 6pm and then dinner with Chris’ fam. Our usual Sunday evening routine.

Then we came home and Chris fixed my computer!! Yay for computer nerds!!

Well there you have it – my super non-exciting, nerdy weekend!


So tell me: What did you do this weekend?




3 Jun

Good Morning and Happy Monday guys!

I have to admit that I’m struggling a little bit this morning. Even though this weekend was actually pretty relaxed compared to normal, I didn’t really get all that much sleep. And it is definitely catching up with me this morning!

This just might end up being an extra coffee kind of day!

But let’s look at this weekend, shall we?


I went into Friday thinking it was going to be a nice, quiet day (as most Fridays normally are around my office). However, I was TOTALLY wrong. Apparently every one of my clients decided that they needed something or needed to come visit the office! While everyone else was having a nice, chill day – I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off!! Definitely not what I was expecting.

Thank goodness I had time in the morning to get some extra coffee. My iced coffee with skim helped me make it through the morning.


It got so crazy that I didn’t even have time to stop and think about lunch until after 1pm. Even though I had a sandwich packed, several coworkers were going to a local Korean restaurant and convinced me to get something. This is the bibimbap, which is basically veggies (sprouts, carrots, cucumber, zucchini) over rice, topped with a fried egg and super spicy sauce.

Guys, it was deliciously spicy! Although this plate was huge and I could barely even finish half of it. If you havent tried Korean food, I highly recommend it!


After work I headed home and frantically started getting stuff ready for the Bible Study that we were posting at our house. No pictures yet (since I don’t know these people all that well yet), but it was a large group and we had quite the spread of food!

Laney was basically convinced that everyone was there to see her, so she spent the whole evening socializing. Which of course meant that she was totally pooped by the time everyone left. Being the life of the party is so exhausting!

(Please note where her back feet are… they end up under her chin. SO AWKWARD!)




Saturday we were up SUPER bright and early because Chris had to take his GREs in Richmond, and asked me to get up with him and quiz him on the way down via phone.

Once he arrived and was off to take his test, Laney and I had a lazy morning before heading off to the farmers market. We only picked up some green beans and a tomato, but Laney definitely had some admirers! She even got a free bone from several vendors!

After the farmers market, Laney and I made a very special trip down to Ashland, VA to visit the BARK ranch! Bark is a dog rescue organization that saves abandoned or kill-shelter dogs, gives them medical treatment, and helps them to get adopted out to a forever home.

We had met BARK several times when we took Laney to Petsmart, and decided that fostering a dog was something that we wanted to do. Not only would we help a dog find a new home, but we’d also have a friend for Laney to play with for awhile.

So without further ado, meet Roscoe!


Roscoe is a super friendly little guy who LOVES to be right up next to you or in your lap at all times. All he really wants is some lovin’! He’s a little on the chunky side right now, but we’re hoping that running around with Laney in the yard and a controlled diet will help with that!

But if you know of anyone in the Richmond/Fredericksburg area that is interested in a super sweet little fellow, please let me know!

The rest of the day was spent getting acquainted with Roscoe, letting him and Laney feel each other out, and relaxing.

Dinner came together super easily as well: Chicken and Sweet Potatoes in a peanut sauce. Recipe coming at you soon!


The evening was spent watching Star Trek (the first one) in preparation for seeing the new one in theaters. I know, we’re nerds!



Sunday we were up early again to get ready for the celebration of two friends getting married! Nathan is my best friend’s little brother (who I have literally known since I was 3, so he is basically like my little brother too) and his beautiful bride Anna came over from the Ukraine several years ago for school. They are so full of love and it was such a beautiful ceremony to watch.


(I managed to spill something on my on dress like 5 minutes into cocktail hour, so I had to put on a cardigan while it dried. Thank goodness for my friend having some shout wipes in her purse!)


The ceremony and reception were a beautiful mix of Jewish heritage (groom), American wedding traditions (groom), and Ukrainian/Russian traditions (bride). Even their favors represented their blended family!


I had the veggie lasagna which came on gluten free noodles (I think). It was interesting, but overall still pretty good. Didn’t look nearly as delicious as everyone’s filet though! haha.


I also thought it was super sweet that because Anna’s family was not able to get visas to come over to the US for the wedding, Nathan’s dad stepped in for the father-daughter dance. You could tell how welcoming Nathan’s family is of Anna, and how happy they are to have her as a daughter-in-law!


There was also an open bar, and even though it was only like 11:30am, you’d better believe we took advantage of that. Which means, inevitably, there were some awkward selfies that happened. Apparently that seems to be my new tipsy thing at weddings…



So happy my husband puts up with me!

There you have it though – my mostly chill, but still pretty exhausting weekend! Not many workouts were had, but sometimes life just has to take priority, right? And I’m just going to jump back into this week with some healthy habits!

So tell me: What did you do this weekend?